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  1. Happy Birthday lad 🙂 

  2. every new update kills fps change my mind.

    1. Noahhh!


      stop playing arma 3 on the ipad

  3. @Silton for head civ council

  4. Damn you're mad over a military simulator, sad.
  5. This bully should not be a staff member. 

  6. Yes, Headless and Kamikaze, I am very throrougly informed of the rules and do not wish to break any more so I can be apart of Olympus. It seems you have some personal qualm against me for a reason that is unknown to me. The rules should be enforced through the official Olympus Guidelines and Rules; not personal feelings or opinions. You seem very hostile toward me and have been from the beginning when I have been cooperative and willing to make amends. 

    Also doesn't make you look any better to mob up on me with people who weren't invovled in the situation. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bloodmoon


      What a sperg haha

    3. Quagon


      @Kamikaze That would actually be against the Olympus Guidelines and Rules, as you are acting through your own emotion in the terms of my ban. We already came to an agreement on a 14 day. If you choose to extend it, you're not only going against your word and lying; but you're also generally being extremely unfair for giving me a ban for such a minor offence that I have already waited over a week for. I would need to talk to a higher up staff member if you would like to escalate this; when it is already extremely unneccesary. I think you are just salty that I am exposing you for being unfair and rude. 

    4. Kamikaze


      Because I was acting through emotion is the only reason you aren't currently permed I gave you 1 last chance and you are taking it for granted. Sit out your punishment, if you don't like our ban system DONT BREAK RULES.

  7. This bully should not be a staff member. 

    1. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      let me guess, you got banned, and then told that you blatantly broke rules, so the ban wont be lifted?

    2. Quagon


      @m o n s t e r

      nah, just sick of staff who think; because theyre admins on a server they get to bully people and treat people they don't know unfairly. 

    3. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      yeah okay retard.


    1. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r


    2. ooooooooo


      He just went from getting a small charge to battery.

    3. Bloodmoon


      There has to be a longer version of this haha

  9. happy bday lad @ikiled

    1. ikiled


      Thanks king ❤️ 



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    2. SecTranLive


      level 3 wtf

    3. vedalkenn


      15 minutes ago, CocoisDead said:

      Can you teach me your ways please

      oh your also permed hello friend

    4. Kamikaze






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