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  1. Kamikaze


    Don't know you personally but for all the people that say you are addicted and or play too much fuck EM, you are young this is EXACTLY what you are supposed to be doing, if gaming is where you find enjoyment pursue it, don't let these 17 year olds with 400 pimples on their face tell you otherwise. o7
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    2. Civak


      12 minutes ago, destruct said:

      Ya'll run labs? I got like 3 lab cards I want to spend

      a spot in the queue will cost you 1 sr admin vote

    3. destruct


      26 minutes ago, Civak said:

      a spot in the queue will cost you 1 sr admin vote


    4. Kamikaze


      1 hour ago, destruct said:

      Ya'll run labs? I got like 3 lab cards I want to spend

      Yeah I run labs just off cards I find on killa or what not , not worth purchasing keycards to run into cheaters.

  2. o7 gamer we can run big tarkov anytime
  3. The blacklist, Punisher, Dexter, Shooter and Manhunt Deadly Games (short but very good)
  4. but how is it a draw  

    1. Jig


      its 2020 everyones a winner!

    2. Drippp


      @Jig they gave everyone medals hahaha but that’s shit was rigged mike won by a long shot but cause they both old legends they have to give them the drAw

  5. you know Canada has a thanksgiving right?
  6. Deputy > PO > Corporal > Retired SAPD > SGT and so on, what are you smoking?
  7. I'll have you know Ryan -1d me the 2nd time around so that argument is a bit flawed. Besides the point I don't disagree there are yes man's on the server some people +1 for being friends and +1 when someone like Ryan makes a good comment about them hence why he doesn't put his opinion anymore. As for GOAT being placed as chief it was really the only good option, prior to him we had a chief that didn't give 2 fucks about the APD and cared about his public opinion and folded any chance he had to shit changes (literally nerfed the apd with the fear of it getting nerfed if he didn't). As a chief you need a backbone and GOAT sure as hell had one. He wouldn't budge for the bullshit changes this crybaby culture tries to push for and that's why people hate him, they want to see a Chief that's susceptible to their ideals when it's just not good for balance. People want to make the argument that he doesn't actually propose arguments to their ideas and results to insults but, the people that actually went to a staff meeting know he brought up stuff only supported by facts. As for him talking shit to people now? Who cares, if people cannot deal with little remarks he makes and if it hurts their feelings, they shouldn't be on the internet.
  8. Literally just reassures he was doing a good job as chief then
  9. Seems like you are quite upset he got staff & chief, and rightfully he EARNED both positions. If he was not welcome as chief the SAPD at the time wouldn't have gone with it, but not only was he the best chief, he was 2x. As for admin who cares if mcdili supported him? That still does not get him the position he still needs majority as you seem to know everything. & If u you think that one situation was the sole proprietor to him stepping down you are very wrong.
  10. Not once did I say civs don't deserve some luxuries I was just quoting an ironic comment by sploding, I'm not arguing for or against anything so I don't get your point.
  11. It's not as if they put in the work to get their ranks and finally retire and you expect them not to have a rank? FYI they outrank you
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