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  1. If you join RNR you get to play with me!
  2. I once joined a channel with him, he was alone in the Kavala channel. Upon joining I asked "Hey where do I spawn?" He then proceeded to link me to his youtube channel, and told me to watch it for some tips and tricks for new players. I replied with "Please no, please no I just want to know where to spawn". He said nothing for a few seconds and it was unnerving... I knew what was to come... In a fit of rage American Waffle screamed saying "I USED TO BE A FUCKING CORPORAL LISTEN TO ME" I then started crying, I was begging him to please stop yelling at me but he wouldn't, he kept linking me to his youtube channel and telling me about his upcoming video titled "You first day as a deputy, and your first steps to PO". I was scared. I felt like I was stuck and I didn't want to leave out of fear of what would follow me.
  3. I absolutely love Pingu, the guy is an absolute meme, but he can also pull chicks at the same time. He also brings a lot of nostalgia since I was in love with him as a kid. I had all the movies and I had the TV-Series on disks. My least favourite movie was the one where he got stuck inside of the ice cave and got lost. My favourite pingu moment is when he first meets Robby the Seal, his soon to be best friend. I believe that we should add many more Pingu skins to the server. Thanks for reading.
  4. Ill miss the good old days of spamming Art Gallery with no reprocussions.
  5. I dont understand how some of yall did not see the issue with plane runs.
  6. This will make things a lot smoother when it comes to escort events. Good stuff guys
  7. Content creation and scripted content creation. Also: A lot more Roleplay. There is a reason why the only Arma 3/DayZ youtubers that did really well all had scripted content. That would bring A LOT. If there was a new Media team it could really help if it is used properly. Kind of like a Movie team in other words.
  8. It seems like it is gaining more intelligence. Just weeks ago all it would do it roam the forests of Altis, or lock pick cars in Kavala and drive them to who knows where. Now.... we are seeing it in Helicopters!?!? Whats next? Should we be worried about the future of Olympus?
  9. Possible 'gone rogue' bot programmed by Bohemia to keep an eye on Olympus?
  10. Look at that face... something is not right.
  11. https://gyazo.com/f1e320e433902ba9c103119320f04760 Vegas is usually seen at this location, sitting in Kavala.... but weirdly enough, he can also be seen LITERALLY anywhere else. He has been sighted in the forests on the North Eastern AND western ends of the map. He has been sighted in the middle of the planes. You will usually find him wearing a T-Shirt, nightvision and usually nothing else. He is a strange entity that no one knows too much about. He is everywhere, and yet he is no where. Post your experiences/sightings of Vegas and hopefully we can crack this mystery.
  12. I really look forward to what this brings. Thanks for the open-mindedness!

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