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  1. Shawn Miller

  2. Shawn Miller

    Drive/fly over there and check available garages
  3. Shawn Miller

    So happy that I wasn't online then..
  4. Shawn Miller

    That would be a bad idea.. Imagine new players joining Olympis and they spawn in Kavala in the weekend.
  5. If it was before 4/26 then you'd be lucky.
  6. I understand that everybody is freaking out about the rollback. But you received free money illegally and some off you did spend it. Instead of calling the staff unprofessional etc.. Think about what was the cause of this rollback. Instead off spending it, report it. See it as a hacker RDMd you and doesn't want to comp you. I believe that the staff struggles with the decision for a rollback and disappointing legit players. But to take such a decision makes them professional in their approach to this mather. And also a thumbs up for the dev team who are writing a script to prevent these problems in the future.
  7. Active hacker on s1, sending $999.999 to everyone and blowing up all the cars in Kavala..

  8. Name change "Dutch" to "Shawn McLovin"


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