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  1. fed mvp @NiNo Brown

    yoinked 7.4 mill off a dead body and split it with all the cops like a real homie @Sam Briggs

  2. o7 @Jordan540 - Can't tell if its real but this time it actually might be. Never really played w/ u but I only heard good things about you. 

  3. Congrats @codeYeTi aka yung coke yeti

  4. ikiled

    And the other should say "Brothers in Ink"
  5. ikiled

    @Grandma Gary If the post gets 100 likes ( ) @Homicide & @GangPlay are getting matching Olympus tattoo's.
  6. On the cop side of things, we realized this shit was happening when a cop yelled "Oh shit, they're killing themselves... I love this shit!" and I just started laughing because I knew there had to be some rat shit going on 35 man fed tho... was that necessary?
  7. Happy Birthday @Doc and @King

  8. o7 @Mike Pence.

    participated in the smig boat challenge SDARing down 15 innocent lives. you are a special snowflake my friend...

    1. Mike Pence

      Mike Pence

      o7 friend see you on the other sdie

    2. Bloodmoon


      vid pls


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