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  1. So, I see time in grade as a deputy doesn't carry over when re-applying- Will time in grade as a PO carry over when you re-apply?
  2. congrats on corporal

  3. regicide FTW @Egnazio
  4. no thx. I got one for 1m from an old friend who quit. good price tho +1
  5. Please relax, If you feel there was an issue with the way the moderator has dealt with it- send an appeal if you disagree with the appeal, message a head admin or senior admin (Peter Long, Grandma Gary, Ares) All they are trying to do is make sure our community is being enjoyed by everyone. Treat it with respect and I am sure they will work with you (You can appeal from https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ - create a new request - and select appeal) +1
  6. You can not break rules just if someone else breaks rules... two wrongs don't make a right.
  7. @Jesse @Kurt Crates also usually bug out if you pick up money from a crate and then try to pick up the contents within
  8. Robo-copping is frowned upon by SAPD. if you showed intent to RP with the individual, I suggest you send it in. Many circumstances I am sure are looked at though when reviewing this stuff
  9. Including the Sgt. Rangemaster outfit? Edit: Nevermind, Dante seems to have answered that
  10. I don't think you can buy their outfits (clothing itself), as the script doesn't work like that. It defaults to PO. You can only buy their Sergeant Cap, Vest, and Weapons which will transfer 1:1
  11. Congrats on Supervisor!!!! @Fusah. Knew You had it in ya since day 1 :)


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