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Official Olympus Discord server is now live! https://discord.gg/cqf5m8F. We are in no way switching completely from teamspeak to discord so this is not required but we would love to see some of you guys hop in there so we can fill it up.


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  1. Hey, that pfp doesn't look like Taylor Swift at all :KappaHD:

  2. Fusah

  3. Added: Underglow Supporter - Offroad MVP - SUV VIP - Hatchback Sport Elite - Striders/Ifrits/Hunters Everyone - Quadbikes Notes: To activate, get in a vehicle as the driver and go to your keychain in the y-menu, there will be a new button there for underglow. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE UNDERGLOW DURING THE DAY VERY WELL If you would like more colors, suggest them on the forums. Along with that please report any bugs ASAP Due to how arma handles lighting you might see a few flashes or at time not see the light altogether, this is an engine limitation and there is nothing much we can do about it. Currently working on a way so that underglow will be seen at larger distances and during daytime without much of a performance hit. Cops can now seize cash (not bank money) of players Players are now also notified of exactly what seizure type is performed Cops can see how much cash is on hand by searching player Money seizure is broadcast in-side chat for everyone Money Swag hatchback opened to $500 donors and higher Medic dispatches will now update location each time a new one is sent Medic dispatches will also now display in side chat so you can re-read if needed Medics are able to lock up houses after they use a fireaxe APD Staff Rank (Rank 4) Access to all Sergeant Weapons / Accessories No ghosthawks Corporal Uniform Staff Corporal rank insignia Access to APD Hunter New Warzone rebel Qilins added to chief Carrier Rig re-added for LT+ Changed: Distance from cartels for non-war warpoints lowered a smidgen Cops will now be able to see illegal uniforms in search menu if it is illegal You can now give items in different number formats (ex, "01" will work now. You do not NEED to replace the 0) Medics no longer have "body armor" if in events Oil Pro map marker Stolen vehicle list displays messages when nothing is missing Fixed: Vigilante Buddy system should now payout correctly Can now get names of boat drivers with binoculars/rangefinders/titans Medic ranks titles work again Vigilante's can now seize firing pins again Medic DP missions, again... Fixed exploit with re-assembling firing pin in vehicles Corporals can no longer search houses APD Training Dummy Give button no longer shows in search menu for APD Removed: NLR messages at Cartels Catching fish in restraints HOTFIX #1 Colored Titles $15 Donator Orange $30 Donator Yellow $50 Donator Blue Dodger Blue Light Blue Turquoise $100 Donator Hot Pink $250 Donator Green Fixed Texture related to Ifrit Added 4 new Hunter Textures $250 Donators will now actually be able to buy the money hatchback APD / RNR will no longer be able to send a dispatch to their respective faction while on-duty Underglow for SUV - $50 -> $30 As always if a bug is found please submit a bug report in https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/
  4. Fusah

    This was a big deal on twitter but apparently, people don't draw it as a 5.. is there really any other way? Just curious.. Colored line being the first stroke
  5. Fusah

    hey look your loadout @OutCast
  6. Added: Vigilante Buddy System Vigilante's can buddy another vigilante to split payouts Press Windows Key on another vigilante Will receive your vigilante tier cut of money after 50% split You will lose your buddy if either dies Few kinks to work out on this. Updates will continue over time. Automatic regeneration of health if not severely hurt and food/water above 75 Fireaxe for RnR to break into houses for revives New RnR Rank (Staff RnR) P90 Magazines to war point shop HW HQ extra car spawn. Big tower at Mushroom Cartel P90 taser for Sergeants and higher You will now process illegal drugs faster if you own the cartel Diving Item Shop for excavating tools and easier access items Founder's Circle donors get full-body VR suits (This is exclusive to Founders Circle, other players will not be able to wear these uniforms) Support Team titles New Medic Titles Changed: Cops will no longer be able to seize cop vehicles Medics will be able to see revive requests on their GPS (Open and close map to refresh revive requests) R&R "Athira" spawn point changed to "Air" Gold Bar weight decreased to 8 Kavala Black Market red zone size slightly increased Server 3 now is back to normal week cycles APD seizure prices more in line with market (some seize for less, some more) Air Hospital has received a new bar gate near impound yard Pyrgos Hospital has received some renovations Sofia hospital has received some renovations Heroin field has been moved Cocaine Field has been made more defendable Sofia Vigilante Outpost has been remodeled New Rotated Ifrit Skin Fixed: Sofia DP point changed to HW Patrol Autorun will not work while jailed Beatdown hint Winning bets should sync player money more successfully (less issues with losing bet money) Bug causing housing physical to wipe and not be used anymore Apples and Peaches can only be sold at regular market Bolt-cutter displaying messages in chat when they were not able to be used Betting button still appearing with betting disabled Betting exploits Trunk bugging when player dies while using it People dying of malnutrition and thirst in handcuffs Removed: APD Training Island Admin Island Neochori Hospital (This was removed due to performance reasons, will be reimplemented in the future) APD Roadkits Christmas Suit As always if a bug is found please submit a bug report in https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/
  7. Fusah

    Hai, We have recently re-made the Olympus Discord as the previous one was deleted. By no means are we going to switch over from Teamspeak, so joining is completely optional. Permissions/Changes will be worked on a bit more over the coming days depending on how much interest is shown. A small poll is attached to see how many of yall use and or like discord. Other than that, if you would like roles just post below with your discord name and me or someone else can get to it! (I would suggest muting the server) https://discord.gg/cqf5m8F Thanks, Fusah
  8. Hai all, with this hotfix it removed the exploit of you being able to save a certain csat in your loadout. For those of you who decided to save it in your loadout, I have gone ahead and wiped your loadout save. Just a heads up :)

    1. Browny


      FUCK FUCK FUCK no free ccsats

    2. Ignis


      BAN EM

    3. S1LVER


      Have plane delivery missions also increased or no?

  9. Fusah

    Hotfix #1 - 1/1/19

    Added: Rebel Loadout Saving Accessible by going to the rebel weapon shop Will save everything you have on you but Y-inventory (Currently only able to save one loadout) Are not able to save a loadout if you have anything that isn't a rebel item on you. (Including war-point items) Tweaks will be made to this system and if it is liked we can expand it to vigilantes and/or whitelisted factions! Donor APD Hatchback (Elite) Donor APD SUV (VIP) Donor RnR SUV (VIP) Donor RnR Orca (Elite) Garage for Prison (Not accessible during prison breaks) Auto Run Will automatically drink redgull/coffee/lollipops when fatigued Set it and toggle it using custom action 18 Mandated tutorials and additions to messages explaining stuff when you have less than 2 hours on the server Thermal NVGs for Medic rank Coordinator+ P90 added to Blackwater loot pool .45 Pistol added for Deputies Field Hospital in Neochori New loading background Additional anti-cheat checks All civilian offroad skins are now available for the armed offroad (50 Cal.) Boat shop near the airfield Bloodbags purchasable at vigilante outposts Changed: Meth Processor Minor Moonshine Processor changes Complete RnR Vehicle Overhaul Jr. APD ground vehicles optimized Changed around the Orcas given for Elite & Champion Both large federal reserve dome doors unlock when the bomb blows Updated the loading screen APD vehicle light brightness lowered Medic vehicle light color changed and brightness lowered Escort event vehicles can now be lock-picked or slim jim'd APD can now bet Staff have no assault cool-down Slightly increased Cop & Medic horn volume Time to use Bolt-cutters shortened to 15 seconds Reduced price of Enhanced GPS tracker to 45,000 Lowered cocaine processing time Fixed: Weapons spawning in event vehicles Pharmaceutical timer not disappearing when truck is seized Pharmaceutical timer covering federal event timers Plane mission dialog cutting off when interacted with by RnR and APD Game no longer crashes if restrained when map is open Red Donor backpack lowered to MVP tier Bait appliances now seize-able Offroad (AT) can now use vehicle ammo to refill its rockets Ability to use bet button with betting disabled Sofia chop shop now has correct marker Monster Ifrit now has the correct donor insignias Several house inventory bugs Removed: Compensation crates 5 minute delay for starting escorts/terror on server restart Sting 9mm from the APD shop Easter Egg Hunt Hotfix #1 Vigilante Tier 4 added Spar-16 moved to tier 4 Tier 3 payout reduced to 75% Vigilante vest moved up to a tier 3 unlock New players have betting disabled by default CSAT can't be saved with loadouts Pistol red dot and flashlight re-added for deputies Gathering should stop more consistently now Medics and cops can now change skins in service station if they have donor skins More Event Vehicles added/fixed to be correct vehicle Black helmets for Senior Medics added Delivery Package mission upgrade All DP mission prices increased dramatically All DP missions now deposit money into ATM instead of cash Medic DP missions fixed to go to all APD HQs and R&R hospitals All DP missions should not have issues with picking same location to deliver where started from Package destinations and delivery confirmations now appear in chat Loadout changes Increased delay for saving and loading to help server performance Fixed various bugs regarding items to save Added Highway Patrol HQ Removed Sofia HQ
  10. All 3 servers are updated (: 

  11. Added: Automated Terror System Hack into a radio tower specific to each major city to initiate terror Requires 3 members total with a firearm at the terminal Requires a hacking terminal Instructions for when terror will start and end are handled by the server, information is displayed through hints on your screen Players name who hacked the terminal is displayed to the server and ALL players with the same tags as this individual are engaged in the city terror is called on! Plane Delivery Missions Bring your plane to one of the six "Plane Delivery" markers on the map and load your plane with cargo by paying $75,000 Enter your plane as the pilot and bring the cargo to the target destination for a cash reward Donor variants of civilian hatchbacks added for Corporal+ to use as bait cars Confirmation when attempting to purchase NVG's while you currently have a pilot helmet variant Altis Rebellion Strider Altis Rebellion Hunter Black Rebel Uniform Monster Ifrit for Elite Donors Christmas Suit Custom Staff Titles Custom Donator Titles "Supporter" - $15: Olympus Shareholder "M.V.P" - $30: Most Valuable Piggybank "V.I.P." - $50: Very Important Pockets "Elite" - $100: Rich Bitch "Champion" - $250: Sugar Daddy "Legendary" - $500: Dishwasher donator Option to disable betting in game via the settings menu on the phone if you are on civilian or medic RPG launcher to Warpoint Shop for 75 warpoints Medical symbol above medic's player name Total number of cops spawned in when a cop is on the respawn screen for other cops (this is to hopefully help and prevent tac respawning!) Two new staff features A BIG ASS SIGN Lights to every APD HQ Parking to Kavala APD HQ An Easter egg hunt Changed: MXSW prices 170k to 200k MXSW mags 2k to 4k 5.56 suppressor 50 to 30 warpoints 5.58 suppressor 50 to 35 warpoints SAPD Uniform Textures minor changes SAPD Ghosthawk Texture minor changes SAPD Hunter Texture minor changes R&R Ghosthawk Rotated Donor Textures Supporter Uniform Medics no longer receive payment for reviving players in an active federal event Medics can no longer revive each other during an active federal event Skins can be applied when purchasing orcas at rebel Pyrgos Rebel to the 2016 variant Fixed: APD Colonel beret is now whitelisted for Corporals+ Cash held by an APD member will now drop in a briefcase on death Few housing inventory exploits Fixed multiple bugs with paying off bounties Fixed an issue where orcas couldn't be skinned at the service station Admins that attempt to get admin keys will now be able to unflip vehicles and will show up on registration An exploit related to giving items Medics will no longer lose their bounty on civ when getting lethaled Bag that appears when robbing y-inventory only appears if the victim had any to begin with Fixed an issue where extra jail time was being added after logging out in jail Killing people out of armed aerial/land vehicles gives the proper charges now Killing enemy gang members out of armed land/aerial vehicles gives proper war points now Removed: Pyrgos Cartel Big Tower from Kavala Rebel H-Barrier blocking jump spot at the Federal Reserve Permanent Walls at the Blackwater Spooky rebel uniform As always if a bug is found please submit it to the tracker. Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.

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