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  4. Hai all, Due to my recent lack of activity @TheCmdrRex will be moved up to lead developer with me. Over the next coming days, he will be taught to do everything pertaining to server maintenance/administration and will have the same level of access as me. This is not a temporary position or anything and he will be the sole lead in the coming months. As to leave Olympus in good hands once everything is sorted out with the position and team as a whole I will be stepping down permanently. This is just a heads up on what's to come. Rex should be making a post on what he plans to do with the role soon, congratulations rex!
  5. Added: War Point Terminal War Points are now transferable at all ATMs Select "Manage War Points" at ATM War Points in the y-menu stats will now refresh every minute instead of every 15 minutes Checking war points at an ATM will instantly refresh them March Donation Goal 25% increase to gold bars when sold (doesn't reflect on market) Rarest Blackwater items have higher chance of spawning These will take affect until May 31st April Donation Goal 15% discount on all items in the weapon shop 10% discount on all vehicles (besides warpoint shop) 10% increase in runs sell price (doesn't display in market) These will take affect until May 31st Passive Perk System Civilian Total Civilian Minutes - Paychecks increased Total Vehicles Lockpicked - Lockpick chances increased, chance for silent lockpick even with security mods Total Bombs Planted - Boltcutting process is faster at federal reserve Total Distance on Foot - RedGull endurance last longer Total Anti-Air's Hacked - Faster process to hack AA Total Cop Kills - Decrease on fee when sent to jail Total Epipens Used - Small chance to not require dopamine when revived Total Vigilante Arrests - Discount at vigilante weapon shop Total Suicide Vests Used - Discount for suicide vests Total Time in Jail - Less jail time when sent Total Civilian Kills - Small discounts for rifles at rebel shop and at vehicle shop Total War Kills - Big discounts for rifles at rebel shop and at vehicle shop Total Deaths - Random Death Messages This can be disabled via a new option in Y-Menu Settings APD Total Drugs Seized Value - Drug seize payout increased Total Pardons - Discount at cop weapon shop Total Bombs Defused - Bomb disposal process faster Total Cop Minutes - Discounts at vehicle shop Total Distance on Foot - Coffee endurance last longer Total Anti-Air's Repaired - Faster process to repair AA RnR Total Medic Minutes - Overall Medic discount increased Total Revives - Revive process is faster Total Vehicles Impounded at Yard - Profit increase at impound-yard Total Repairs with Toolkit - Repair process is faster Selling houses and gang sheds will now include 25% of total upgrade costs ATM inside the Jail Go-kart shop in Kavala Kavala Air Service Station Bloodbags and Redgull to Dopamine crates Civilians with a driver's license can now check registration of other vehicles Spawnpoint an Neochori Vigilante information panel to start menu More helpful hints for new players Black pilot helmets on medic for $100 Donors All armor tier 3 and lower helmets at rebel shop added to vigilante shop Survival Fatigues for rebels New Billboard / Sign locations throughout Altis. Kavala HQ now has APD Logo and Decals above front entrance New Hatchback / Sport textures for all civs (non-donor) New Supreme Hatchback N7 Ifrit for all civs (non-donor) Boba Fett Ifrit for Rebels Monster SUV for all civilians (non-donor) Rebel Boba Fit Ifrit for all civs (non-donor) Pyrgos Airport Neochori Hospital Free Candy Van for all civs (non-donor) Changed: Cop Lethal Payout System Now a $400k cap 50% goes to lethaler Other 50% is split with officers within 100 meters Cops online count no longer includes cops inside training dome Cleanup Script Changes No longer deletes vehicles with y-inventory inside them Warzone vehicles will kick out dead players and then delete vehicle This will apply to all of Altis if this seems to work well Boltcutting and planting charges at federal events requires another civilian in the area Gang mates can revive each other without "Allow Epipen" selected Pyrgos Vigilante Shop changed Civilians must now have two hours in game to purchase the vigilante license Several Civilian titles changed Updated VIP Orca Texture Vigilante SPAR now costs 100k instead of 30k 20% decrease in sell price of all salvage items Replaced old billboard designs with updated designs / ads Updated APD and RnR Signs (Parking, Notice, Warning, Checkpoint, Recruitment) New Prisoner Outfit (Stripped) Kavala Blackmarket Weed Heroin Processor Moonshine distributor Changed Kavala Square Fixed Athira HQ Lots of legal processors have been changed for performance Dopamine Crates now last 1 hour after placement Fixed: The Tasing Script Sofia hospital was put back together Incorrect color for a few legal processors Silver processing gangshed can't be purchased anymore Medic Hatchbacks now have lights again Civilian Ghosthawks turbo now functions like Cop Ghosthawks May no longer request medic with not enough money or if in jail Vigilante ACP .45 should now tase May no longer autorun and heal simultaneously Vigilante arrest notification now displays the correct weapons that you have earned Added more chop shops checks and fixed a few to prevent exploiting War Points for killing cops at warzone and active federal events is now fixed 'No Entry' Message upon spawn selection Entering long values when giving items (lagging players out) A few CSAT uniforms that were not seizable by APD Using Epi-pens while in vehicles Removed: All tables at processors and markets removed KOS of Ryan, Hawk, and Deadpool Base Colored Hatchbacks (Full color designs) Jurassic Jeep Red Ifrit Some unneeded signs, billboards, and graffiti As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it. Hey yall, just for an update on why this took so long, these last couple of weeks I have been really busy with school and preparing for something stuff I will be doing for the summer. Although the bank was not able to make it this update it will be released soon in the future (no current date for next update). A majority of the content in this update was done by @TheCmdrRex so please thank him since the update would not be nearly as large without him putting hours into it. With this update, I have improved our obfuscation and added some prevention from hackers which will hopefully prevent what happened this last week. We have also rolled back to April 26th 2 AM CST due to the massive amount of hacked money in the economy. For everyone in factions, I was able to keep the times you have played so none of your stats should have disappeared. It is currently 5 AM and I have classes until around 3 pm CST today so if there are any issues with something we added please submit a ticket and refrain from talking about it on the forums if it is game breaking, since I will not be able to get to it until later today. Thank you for your continued support (: or hate
  6. Everyone who downvotes this, I have wiped all your logs so you're good
  7. Hey all, so yesterday for around 4 hours Olympus was down due to a hacker essentially wiping everyone's stuff. We have fixed the problem and I HOPEFULLY put in a fix to prevent that from happening again. Here are some small stuffs that made it in the update since we didn't want to leave yall with nothing. Added: Can now lockpick vehicles from a windows key option Balaclavas and other face masks to Vigilante tier 3 Civilians will now receive warpoints for killing Corporals and higher near the Federal Reserve and Blackwater Changed: SDV now has default trunk size of 80 instead of 290 Hatchback Sport and SUV now purchasable at a rebel outpost APD donor SUV skin Must now have keys to mine from a tempest device Vehicles will now de-spawn if no players are within 150 meters of it Underglow disabled for the time being Courthouse bounty pay-off limit increased to 250k from 125k Replaced Vigilante tier 2 Sting 9mm with ACP .45. (Sting available to Tier 3 and higher) Pharmaceutical cooldown timer reduced to 30 minutes from 60 minutes Fixed: APD donor Hatchback Sport skin Bugs related to the Medic turret script Gang homicide bounty amount bug Hotfix #1: Warpoint Vehicle Shop Can now purchase following vehicles from warpoint vehicle shop at rebels: Ifrit Hunter Strider .50 Cal Orca Vigilante Sting increased to $25k Vigilante ACP .45 decreased from $40k to $15k RnR Qilin texture fixed ACP .45 now in Tier 3+ Vigilantes shops Fixed Ability to enter menus before/while gathering Fixed Backpacks deleting when taking one from house and having one already equipped Fixed Admins forcing themselves into gangsheds Fixed House inventory not accessible after player escaping windows key menu Removed Vehicle crafting ingredients from gather zones You may still craft for the time being. However new materials are not able to be obtained Vehicle crafting will be removed in the future. So if you got materials be sure to craft now! Can no longer see skin names on the vehicle key chain This makes room to see distance from vehicle For now, we will be working on a bit more performance/security changes to hopefully increase server FPS and prevent hackers. As for the donation goal for last month, it is being worked on and should be out in 12 units of time. kthx
  8. Hello all, servers are back up for good. If you have any problems with things not saving please message me but other than that everything should be good. I hope... c:

  9. Just a heads up all the false scripting bans should be fixed now and should not happen again.

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      i have not been unbanned and been waiting in ban center for ever


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      Im still banned? 

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