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  2. All 3 servers are updated (: 

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      ty masta number 3

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  3. Added: Automated Terror System Hack into a radio tower specific to each major city to initiate terror Requires 3 members total with a firearm at the terminal Requires a hacking terminal Instructions for when terror will start and end are handled by the server, information is displayed through hints on your screen Players name who hacked the terminal is displayed to the server and ALL players with the same tags as this individual are engaged in the city terror is called on! Plane Delivery Missions Bring your plane to one of the six "Plane Delivery" markers on the map and load your plane with cargo by paying $75,000 Enter your plane as the pilot and bring the cargo to the target destination for a cash reward Donor variants of civilian hatchbacks added for Corporal+ to use as bait cars Confirmation when attempting to purchase NVG's while you currently have a pilot helmet variant Altis Rebellion Strider Altis Rebellion Hunter Black Rebel Uniform Monster Ifrit for Elite Donors Christmas Suit Custom Staff Titles Custom Donator Titles "Supporter" - $15: Olympus Shareholder "M.V.P" - $30: Most Valuable Piggybank "V.I.P." - $50: Very Important Pockets "Elite" - $100: Rich Bitch "Champion" - $250: Sugar Daddy "Legendary" - $500: Dishwasher donator Option to disable betting in game via the settings menu on the phone if you are on civilian or medic RPG launcher to Warpoint Shop for 75 warpoints Medical symbol above medic's player name Total number of cops spawned in when a cop is on the respawn screen for other cops (this is to hopefully help and prevent tac respawning!) Two new staff features A BIG ASS SIGN Lights to every APD HQ Parking to Kavala APD HQ An Easter egg hunt Changed: MXSW prices 170k to 200k MXSW mags 2k to 4k 5.56 suppressor 50 to 30 warpoints 5.58 suppressor 50 to 35 warpoints SAPD Uniform Textures minor changes SAPD Ghosthawk Texture minor changes SAPD Hunter Texture minor changes R&R Ghosthawk Rotated Donor Textures Supporter Uniform Medics no longer receive payment for reviving players in an active federal event Medics can no longer revive each other during an active federal event Skins can be applied when purchasing orcas at rebel Pyrgos Rebel to the 2016 variant Fixed: APD Colonel beret is now whitelisted for Corporals+ Cash held by an APD member will now drop in a briefcase on death Few housing inventory exploits Fixed multiple bugs with paying off bounties Fixed an issue where orcas couldn't be skinned at the service station Admins that attempt to get admin keys will now be able to unflip vehicles and will show up on registration An exploit related to giving items Medics will no longer lose their bounty on civ when getting lethaled Bag that appears when robbing y-inventory only appears if the victim had any to begin with Fixed an issue where extra jail time was being added after logging out in jail Killing people out of armed aerial/land vehicles gives the proper charges now Killing enemy gang members out of armed land/aerial vehicles gives proper war points now Removed: Pyrgos Cartel Big Tower from Kavala Rebel H-Barrier blocking jump spot at the Federal Reserve Permanent Walls at the Blackwater Spooky rebel uniform As always if a bug is found please submit it to the tracker. Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
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  7. Will never forget the day we looked for an Altis life server and found Olympus. Great shit happened from there. Have fun in College and u will always be my boy :wub:. Come back soon lil nib!

  8. Thanks for your help on the Olympus Mission and helping to make Olympus what it is now! There will always be a spot if you decide to return!

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      Now we gotta to back to bullying ignis regularly 

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  9. happy birthday @ikiled u can finally join apd legitimately

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      Next time you say "lets try an altis life server", I am gonna bring us to Asylum

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    trust me I made the shit and have lost around 5-6mil to it, not rigged but random
  13. Added: Donation Goal: 15% Discount on Weapon Shop Sales (Expires on 5/11/18) 15% Increase on legal/illegal run-based item sales (Expires on 5/11/18) Lottery System You are now able to buy lottery tickets from any gas station clerk for $50,000. The first person to purchase a lottery ticket will start the lottery event which will run for 30 minutes (short cooldown afterward). In the end, a winner is randomly picked and rewarded the prize pool. Will not be able to start the lottery event at the beginning of server restart and at the last 35 minutes of server restart. Several new player stats will be recorded More information to be released at a related date with an upcoming Stats Page update Get player names from a distance Must be scoped in with binoculars, rangefinders or titan scope Maximum distances for different unit types: Ground units: 150m Ground vehicles: 500m Air vehicles: 2km Aim the crosshair over the unit for a set period of time to get their name Pulling out unconscious (dead bodies) from vehicles will now be a windows key ability for all factions If ANY bugs arise from this please message me or submit it to the tracker immediately! Civilians will now have the ability to bet money on a "coin flip". Windows key'ing on a un-restrained player will now give you the option to "Bet Money". After both players confirm the bet, a "coin flip" decides who gets all the money! This option will not show up if you have the taxi license. You are only able to bet up to $1,000,000 After betting there is a 2-minute cooldown before you are able to bet against anyone else. Two new armed plane skins Changed: Weapon on an armed plane to a Gatling gun. (Similar to qilin armed) Sofia APD HQ Sofia Drug Dealer Intro text animations Frog Factory Location Heroin Field Location APD Training NPC will now show a ticket GUI Animation handling - Please report to us if you don't see people doing animations when they should be. Prisoner Uniform AHP Hummingbird Downsized several texture files to conserve space Pharmaceutical cooldown increased Server 3 should now be back on the proper schedule for opening Cop NPCs now have a more proper design for authenticity. Fixed: Federal Reserve related exploit Medic dope crate markers not showing up Gang building menu related bug GPS trackers and fuel cans can now be used on the Blackfish War point clothing camera bug Canceling the refueling process will no longer empty the fuel can APD hats not being seized Dead bodies being deleted inside a chopped vehicle. APD not being able to lock up dome after Fed/BW. GPS Jammers FINALLY have been fixed... Several restrained player checks have been added to some scripts Removed: Small unimportant things Hotfix #1: Lowered max betting amount to $1,000,000. You will now be able to buy up to 5 tickets in a lottery each worth 50k to increase your chances of winning! Fixed people running with their hands up. Increased betting cooldown to 3 minutes. Fixed betting related exploits. Pulling out dead bodies is temporarily disabled. As always if a bug is found please submit it to the tracker. Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.

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