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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. Dante


      @Fusah has had 1827282828 birthdays this year already 

  2. Isn't that the girl from VGHS? lol

    1. decla
    2. Scribble


      johanna braddy

    3. GoofyThief


      I watch Video Game High School.


  3. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Fusah/
  4. Hai all, Due to my recent lack of activity @TheCmdrRex will be moved up to lead developer with me. Over the next coming days, he will be taught to do everything pertaining to server maintenance/administration and will have the same level of access as me. This is not a temporary position or anything and he will be the sole lead in the coming months. As to leave Olympus in good hands once everything is sorted out with the position and team as a whole I will be stepping down permanently. This is just a heads up on what's to come. Rex should be making a post on what he plans to do with the r
  5. Added: War Point Terminal War Points are now transferable at all ATMs Select "Manage War Points" at ATM War Points in the y-menu stats will now refresh every minute instead of every 15 minutes Checking war points at an ATM will instantly refresh them March Donation Goal 25% increase to gold bars when sold (doesn't reflect on market) Rarest Blackwater items have higher chance of spawning These will take affect until May 31st April Donation Goal 15% discount on all items in the we
  6. Everyone who downvotes this, I have wiped all your logs so you're good
  7. Hey all, so yesterday for around 4 hours Olympus was down due to a hacker essentially wiping everyone's stuff. We have fixed the problem and I HOPEFULLY put in a fix to prevent that from happening again. Here are some small stuffs that made it in the update since we didn't want to leave yall with nothing. Added: Can now lockpick vehicles from a windows key option Balaclavas and other face masks to Vigilante tier 3 Civilians will now receive warpoints for killing Corporals and higher near the Federal Reserve and Blackwater Changed: SDV now has default trunk siz
  8. Hello all, servers are back up for good. If you have any problems with things not saving please message me but other than that everything should be good. I hope... c:

  9. Just a heads up all the false scripting bans should be fixed now and should not happen again.

    1. Huge Kid

      Huge Kid

      i have not been unbanned and been waiting in ban center for ever


    2. |Casper|


      Im still banned? 

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