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  1. Same as google
  2. How much for mk1?
  3. I think it depends from Senior to Senior if they feel you are confident enough to be a officer
  4. 1.1 mil
  5. how much you looking for?
  6. Will there also be updates about Escort Mission's and how to respond to them in the next few days?
  7. Okay i get the first post and most agree we probably shouldn't be demoted but at this point it's time to drop this meme and move on if @Sapd was going to reinstate us they would have by now so at this point we might as well take the L and move on. And hopefully they will give us PO back eventually to combat the new Somalian menace that is in our skies our field our hills and our cities.
  8. I just dont get it why we should even try it like us shit talking each other's not going to advance either side i highly doubt there going to give are PO back by complaining on the forums
  9. @Pledge @dubVee @Luke Duke Lets just put our dicks away and stop having this pissing match i am sure if we play and continue to be active we will get our PO back and i hope Sapd understands that this wasn't us trying to purposefully waste time and wont hold this to hard against us i really don't think taking this onto the forums is a smart idea and is wasting everyone's time.
  10. Its done over with we should just move on and take the demote.
  11. 350K
  12. 230k
  13. What you looking for with the MX
  14. 160k

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