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  1. Anyone want some Magic The Gathering Arena keys pm me

    1. Tommy
    2. TheoryB


      that game turns me on when i watch it

  2. Hoonter

    Thats why come fall its going to seem worse then ever before
  3. My god its happening

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    2. Mighty
    3. Jaster


      Im so hyped for this, I grew up with clone wars as a kid  and is my favorite animated show hands down

    4. TheoryB


      HOLY FUCK YESSSS :wub:

  4. Hoonter

    I meant more on tickets
  5. Hoonter

    Well I personally feel Support team should be something similar to what it is now which is a group for conflict resolution such as comp or problems with another group over a alleged rule break along with a group for new players to seek out to help get started. But they do lack in several areas 1. Support team Members are Ill equipped for conflict resolution, With no ability to control the room to help bring a compromise to the conflicting parties. 2. Many support team members do not know accurately know some rules or the staffs interpretations of them, The amount of times I have heard a Support Team member do this is pretty high. 3. Lastly I feel support team puts to much empathize on quantity over quality and for a organization designed to help this feels very counterproductive of the goal of this "Faction".
  6. Hoonter

    Lol you act like that is the problem with the support team
  7. Hoonter

    And im now on the sex offender list rip
  8. Hoonter

    Wait you can use you're mouse to fly?
  9. Hoonter

    The inherent issue with all this is what do you view as a “Good” distribution of illegal runs being completed and sold to legal runs being completed and sold I am on mobile currently so can’t get data but last time I checked it was around 60% legal to 40% illegal and while this doesn’t show runs that were caught.We can use this number to determine what the server wants as a “healthy” ratio I would say for the last few months pre double processing around 70% legal and 30% illegal so as we buff the possible reward we get closer to a 50/50 ratio and this shows all that needs to be done is buff the reward not nerf the risk.
  10. Hoonter

    I think its fine could already break through windows and do that rp might as well give them the in game feature the only use for all this is people no longer getting a "Free" Lethal by some PO with a sdar. I believe it was rex's original opinion to make it available to PO's after some time to make sure there were no bugs (Which there was to be fair) and then roll it out to PO's. This all wasn't really defining points of the corporal rank and im not really sad to see them be moved down only thing I will say is there is a big difference between 35 hour PO's and 350 hour PO's and I would be concerned that the first of the two will fuck themselves over with some of these changes.
  11. @Eggman censors status updates reported

    1. Eggman


      I know not what you speak of!

  12. @Eggman Has a foot fetish btw

    1. Dante


      Don’t worry I fixed it 

    2. Eggman


      This is a correct statement! I accept all allegations currently presented. 

    3. Ignis


      No one will ever know


  13. Congrats to the boi @ChrisGG

  14. Today summarized 


    1. ryan beck

      ryan beck

      It was the poll gimme credit

    2. Bahamut


      i made the poll before  you


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