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  1. Remember that time we were like about to coup pledge...
  2. [SCI] Rapidaax o7
  3. Chick fil a makes good food till you remember that there entire business is built off of values that actively hate on gays... Makes it kinda hard to pull in with your bf to a restraunt that is run by people who think of you as a abomination rather than a human being and find efforts to discriminate against you and others .
  4. Finally gj hmu if you ever want to talk also no @ really
  5. Considering the fact that the ussr was so attacked by capitalism I think 70 years is still really good. Yeah that's how the Soviet Union became a world power, they started the space race the whole lack of innovation argument doesn't make sense they had innovation and they devolped Russia and the Soviet states from the back water of Europe to a nation that rivaled the nation's of the west
  6. But it like did in the Soviet Union for 70 odd years, Cuba, etc.
  7. Why do I believe I am entitled to there wealth? Well to start the extreme rich typically get there through the exploitation of the workers and there work. They hoard this immense wealth when people starve across the globe and live life in squabble while those who steal this money live in luxury. I am not proposing breaking there piggy bank, no we must change the systems we live under in order to be free from exploitation to be free from hunger and fear. How is this not there fault many of them support or are directly involved in the government that sets in place the tax policy allowing them to cheat the system to save money
  8. Cops don't care about rp. They never will and reporting cops for robocopping does nothing. But doesn't matter when nobody cares about roleplay anymore simply going back and fighting faster.
  9. Man first time I log into the forums in 2 weeks and I get told off nice
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