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  1. Corporal re-evaluation  season in real time


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  2. APD chain of command change my mind https://gyazo.com/b8bcb080fb942f4080aebe6232966a08

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    2. Airborne


      Bravo squad best squad

    3. NokiaStrong


      Airborne speaks the truth. He is OS after all

    4. Deadpool


      44 minutes ago, Airborne said:

      Bravo squad best squad

      that sgt needs to go first

  3. Hoonter

    Minecraft survival games?
  4. Hoonter

    Cop does make money yes but you know how inconsistent it is sometimes I can go hours without finding anybody doing anything. If you make it so cops lose money for getting shot in the back thats very unfun from the cop perspective plenty of officers our poor and the Seniors you want to nerf our for the most part staff with Infinite money or just fucking rich from years of playing like not more then 4 who have less then 20 mil. So all you would be doing is hurting Corps and lower who make up a majority of the APD. I understand jail and bounties our unfun for civs but you also have plenty of ways to avoid getting sent to jail for that much.
  5. Hoonter

    How does you getting caught and moonshine relate to the current argument about warzone?
  6. Hoonter

    Yeah cause we don't get our helis shot down by a auto locking missle half the time when going in.
  7. Hoonter

    Honestly I feel Like civ's should get something for killing cops. In general its unfun to have to chase everybody you find till they crash maybe if they get something for killing cops we might see a increase in civ's provoking fights and staying when caught Maybe scale it so Po's and Deputies give 1 Corps and Sapd 2 might be something to consider. As for the rest ever sense Dominick left and rules got restricted think its been pretty fair when it comes to warzone raiding requirements and fights. You have to remember there is what 14 people who are all expected to play to some extent each week who can even raid it on top of that they need probable cause to even go in if there's any even on. Also pretty sure @a overweight giant retard has been skirting along that border for his whole APD career mans literally said you could put a checkpoint on the road leading in when he was chef of the police
  8. Anyone want a Ford F150 Parts card worth 20 bucks that will trade me a wargaming 20 dollar card

  9. For anyone that's interested Magic The Gathering Arena is going into open Beta so if you wish to get into the game or play a digital version check it out.



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  10. Hoonter

    Shit Idea not worth dev time like people said Buy A hatchback sport tier 4 it across the map in like 2 minutes.
  11. Hoonter

    Not like any of my advice mattered after Rex posted the notes man had no hope
  12. Hoonter

    I recommend if you want to resolve this issue you take it to APD applications and submit a blacklist appeal or go wait in APD disciplinary if you truly wish to get this resolved along with asking for this post to be hidden under a general inquiry.

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