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  1. Trainwreck because some fucking writers wanted to go write a star wars sequel only good part was my boy ghost getting pet.

    1. KrispyK


      I dont even watch the show but that dae actor even said it was out of left field

  2. Hoonter

    Well now they have a big tower o7 anything close to balance at the bw
  3. Deadpools reaction seeing @ChrisGG get dep chief circa 2019:yikes:

  4. For alot of corporals+ who you see on the forums alot this is the main way they play yes but I would say out of the 250+ cops a significant portion play this on the side main civ a way to get a few dollars for civ and chill. He did this like once and typically just says fed in the channel he is in and leaves for it. Just saying you guys would complain about the stack then still win a good portion of the time. I know of two times a sAPD member has sat in a private channel during a BW or Fed and that senior is no longer around soooo. How are deputies more braindead when they are getting a more in depth and comprehensiveness training written by numerous sAPD members, former sAPD members and FTO's. Along with that the rank of FTO and corporal in general is to be the ingame leaders for the APD and typically they do a pretty good job at this. APD is like a mass recruited gang we have pretty much no requirements besides basic rules knowledge and the ability to log into ts and with these little requirements there will be some shitty deputies but even the shittiest deputies can get there act together and be a good APD officer.
  5. Hoonter

  6. Hoonter

  7. Hoonter

    Sure act like there a bigger deal than just being a think tank but whatever...
  8. Hoonter

    If you guys want we can deny you like RnR does for lack of narrative? Sure @Pledge would be down to rework the system so you guys can write a 3 paragraph report why you want this position of deputy
  9. Hoonter

    A staff meeting from 5 and 1/2 months ago...
  10. Hoonter

    "Feds: Blackwater vehicle crafting Adding a few more deer stands to Blackwater" This was the exact quote from the post from the 23rd of December. From insider sources I heard it wasn't even on the trello it seems like quite a change to not bring up to anybody outside a select few before implementations?
  11. Hoonter

    So why was it implemented did you not think to consult people about it prior to the change? That maybe people should have a conversation about the change before you "Sneak" it in.
  12. Hoonter

    lol +1

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