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  1. Is escort going to be active sAPD or any body with the whitelist
  2. This is the first smart thing you have ever said
  3. Yeah you dont know me, and I assume ur just some nobody. If you have ever heard me talk politics you would know that I’m not your run of the mill libtard, hit me with the facts beta Have a discussion or should I just assume you forgot to oil the steel plate in your skull
  4. LOL We will start with the first one Dictatorial Powers 1. There are rumors that he has expressed interest in running for more than 2 terms 2. Both him and democrats have been trying to limit voting opportunities for the others base 3. He is very much becomeing a center piece of the republican party with the RNC picking him as a platform rather than any really issues Forcible suppression 1. Have you read the police report of the suspected killer who was killed by police in portland that is some vague shit. And while trump was commenting in a interview about the protests he literally described this as a act of retribution and that he is not afraid to use brutal force on protesters if they get slightly out of hand Strict Regimentation of Society I think this one is pretty clear if you have ever heard him bring up mexicans he is very right leaning culturally and is very concerned with nationalism and vilifying various minority populations
  5. Both are corporate shills who sell out the wokring class, Only difference is Biden atleast has to appease dem socs so might as well vote for him, along with that trump is like taking on more and more fascist tendencies and I don't want to be killed in a genocide against the gays.
  6. Bruh I remember when ever week this guy was either just meeting his times or putting in a LOA I dont think I had to many conversations with you but congrats on putting in the work and getting into sAPD and good luck with your future endeavors
  7. Being in the Olympus community is a mix between high school clique culture and a abusive relationship. Let's start with the first one cause it's the more obvious of the 2 If you are apart of a group you will be associated more with that group than who you are as a person and thats kinda shitty. Along with the conflict between these cliques Sapd hates DB, 5 sAPD hate the other 5 shit like that. It created a toxic ass environment to log into every day where the best part of the server became doing paperwork and that gets me to the second part of my analysis. Arma 3 is like 90% of the time like sleeper I have like I think 1.3k hours on cop and I would say 90% of that was sitting in the back of a orca or hatchback watching youtube. When we did find somebody almost always we would try to find something to fight them over to get some entertainment. That is the gameplay loop I would say in retrospect after playing and going back to several other games it was kind of shit all you did was chase the next fight like a drug high. So why would anyone do this well I would say because of your friends I would say alot of people I met inside Olympus didn't play with many people outside of it. The friends I had on Olympus were the only people on the internet I talked to on a regular basis and it's hard to just leave... I did it and I dont regret quitting the game and sometimes you do need to take that jump to maintain your own sanity.
  8. Remember that time we were like about to coup pledge...
  9. [SCI] Rapidaax o7
  10. Chick fil a makes good food till you remember that there entire business is built off of values that actively hate on gays... Makes it kinda hard to pull in with your bf to a restraunt that is run by people who think of you as a abomination rather than a human being and find efforts to discriminate against you and others .
  11. Finally gj hmu if you ever want to talk also no @ really
  12. Considering the fact that the ussr was so attacked by capitalism I think 70 years is still really good. Yeah that's how the Soviet Union became a world power, they started the space race the whole lack of innovation argument doesn't make sense they had innovation and they devolped Russia and the Soviet states from the back water of Europe to a nation that rivaled the nation's of the west
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