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  1. Hoonter


    Gl with your future endeavors if you ever need someone to chat with lmk.
  2. Like ok man established people have practically unlimited money like who cares nerf diamonds and plat and It would be like shit money but help new players get established.
  3. Its like actually not a bad idea that several others servers do to help retain players but yeah be toxic
  4. Just make it so you cant rob legal runs
  5. Heya anybody here with a decent graphic design knowledge looking to do a commission for a Halo group I run?

  6. YcsuDoD.png

    Throwback Thursday

  7. Random perks are stupid should let people choose what they want going to be a real bummer if you get the 15% off of vehicle purchases for a week
  8. Chick fil-a is anti gay so I don't go there .
  9. Mods on Olympus do be like this

  10. I will suck any dick. no cap.
  11. I know plenty of trees that are UWU
  12. Just wondering why escorts are locked behind active sAPD and not sgt+ whitelist
  13. Good video on the problems with the electoral college which is a discussion we should have no matter what happens with this election

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    2. Vcx


      shut up communist

    3. Rossco


      Interesting video, but the electoral college is a FAR better system than an all out popular vote. The idea that America should be a true democracy is just not it. If this were the case, much similar to how the videos first point covered, all a potential presidential candidate would have to do is campaign in the largest states of America for him/her to win. A true popular vote would mean all you have to do is capture the vote of all the most populated states so that you can win the popular vote, while not caring about smaller states since their votes don't really matter in the grand scheme of things. This is why the electoral college is useful, as it is much closer to getting what the country truly wants and not just what the most populated states want. The full popular vote system would take away from the power small states have, and give even more power to large states.


      TLDR: Getting rid of the electoral college would cause large states to have more power in terms of elections, and smaller states to have even less. In my opinion, one could even argue that abolishing the electoral college would cause even more polarization in our country as the smaller states would feel like what they want isn't being heard.

    4. billdroid


      Yeah Hillary would be president 

  14. Truuuue king probably going to be 50 of them trying to get in

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