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  1. Hoonter

    Please submit a blacklist appeal at https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ Under the APD apps section
  2. Hoonter

    All my money on @zoomzooooooom
  3. When @zoomzooooooom says he needs more oic's


    1. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      @zoomzooooooom hes taking your meme

    2. zoomzooooooom


      hes stealing my memes like i stole his oics :FeelsBad:

    3. KGB JOSH
  4. Hoonter

    If it's a problem what do you propose is changed to balance it out? Along with that some of these numbers can be kinda bias and a bit off as anybody can get a blasting charge and plant it without the intent to actually do a proper fed.
  5. Hoonter

  6. Man I love when the owner isn't transparent about anything and when people start calling him on his bullshit he continues to lie and deceive

  7. Hoonter

  8. Hoonter

    Didn't say it was a good joke but none the less
  9. Hoonter

    He said if I got it he was going to quit. So after seeing that clip I made a joke... But hey whatever
  10. Hoonter

    Want me to rip your tags?
  11. Hoonter

    Am gay no lik
  12. What are you laughing at he was stating how the wording made it sound like his work and textures was being sold without permission I don't see how him being concerned that his work may be being sold for profit is something to laugh at

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