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  1. Hoonter

    Could you define professional and what it means to you and were you see members of our sAPD lacking?
  2. Hoonter

    Take mouse move it downward as you shoot ez seya next month
  3. Hoonter

    5.1. Medics are only permitted to call the APD for Assistance when threats or direct hostile action has been taken against them. Medics may then relay pertinent details to the APD. Ex: General Location, Vehicles, Weapons, Number of Assailants, etc. 5.2 EMT rank is the only rank authorized to call the APD for the sole purpose of an Escort into a red zone without threats Thank you for showing @RDyer216 this part of the handbook
  4. Hoonter

    That's not true read you're handbook
  5. Hoonter

    Well you said the only time medics should call APD is for feds which is wrong plenty of other situation s you could contact APD during
  6. Hoonter

    You don't even know you're own rules imagine being a Senior RnR member maybe you should read you're own handbook before commenting on another factions...
  7. Civ 5 at 9 est with me and some of the sAPD all dlc's let me know if you want to come

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    2. Dank MeeMoo

      Dank MeeMoo

      Is Cambodia a nation I can choose?

    3. Viper


      doesnt even have civ 6 gg

    4. Millennium


      33 minutes ago, Viper said:

      doesnt even have civ 6 gg

      Civ 5 is way better

  8. Hoonter

    Sorry m8's have to vote @Mercury he helped me get unblacklisted from RnR that's what you call a life debt right there
  9. Hoonter

    https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-reach/xbox-360/service-records/players/hunt770 Think I tryhard Sgt. Should have seen me back when I was 12
  10. Hoonter

    Maybe a bit lower end like 500k min buy in and shit
  11. Hoonter

    Will you still give one out for last post?
  12. Hoonter

    Interesting one
  13. Hoonter

  14. Hoonter

    We do it to everyone don't feel to special

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