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  1. Not to sound like a total dickhead but the new siren sounds autistic. Its like its trying to be fast but cant figure out how to not be slow. As for the rebel I mean you cant even pull out a fucking car like?! Go back to the main rebel where we can hit shots from og
  2. I have to know the new name/names!
  3. This is what happens when you use adaptive crosshair
  4. want to put some screenshots in?
  5. When you say 3m then add mil at the end even tho 3m is 3mil xd
  6. They don't have stings anymore?
  7. Just read all of these comments didn't expect some of the community to say good job! So can we change the title to the post to Q & A [Confront Me] Prank Gone Wrong in The Hood! I mean that's pretty much what is happening already so might as well make it official!
  8. Shouldn't that say 23 or is it a day early for like a meeting thing?
  9. "Image may be subject to copyright" lmao
  10. ^^^^ for real im tryna roleplay!
  11. the juicer


    next time you scam somebody do it right and not under your main and shit like this wont happen!
  12. its just a prank look the cameras right there!
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