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  1. keep it same for roleplay lol
  2. so why can apd pull vehicles on cap but we civs cant pull vehicles at apd hq
  3. so gang wars is a donation goal

    we gotta donate to get an event planned 3 months ago


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    2. zoomzooooooom
    3. Ryan


      Gang wars was happening either way, it was added after the goal was filled to let people know its coming. I made a post not even an hour later announcing it after adding it to the goal 😛 

    4. Evannn


      ryan i bet ur black

      black jew 

  4. my last time i played arma was like 2 months ago u chimps i dont have any mk1 tasers
  5. peep album is out


    1. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      bro that guy has been dead how long and they are still milking him for music 🤦🏿‍♂️

  6. pls dont take note from this kid hes an absolute trashcan
  7. some fuckin boomer removed my post

  8. fetti on fetti on fetti

  9. close s2 as well so you might just might get 110 ppl on one server

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    2. maxg


      Arma ain't gonna be around very much longer, enjoy it while you can lol

    3. Vcx


      I'm not gonna lie it's been pretty dead but honestly that's just how it always is around this time of year school is driving everyone crazy less newcomers to the game and there is no break around rn so ofc it's going to be pretty low but when winter break comes around everyone comes back for at least month so in the admins and owners eyes it's worth keeping it up as it's been through more hardships than it's going through rn

    4. Ryan


      @Vcx Spot on. As long as servers support themselves I’ll keep them up as long as they can 🙂 

  10. @maxg what did you post lol

    1. maxg


      It was one of the joe mama meme's but there was some classified words inside of the chat 😉 




      @Strae issa bitch

    2. Strae
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