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  1. AbraKadabra

    Chop prices/Claim vechile prices?
  2. AbraKadabra

    Did anyone contact you about getting comp on this? is it all servers or just 3?
  3. AbraKadabra

    yeah and people have been selling and we own. all day and night not a dime received. its in the tracker aswell. but didn't know if it was possible to receive comp
  4. AbraKadabra

    how does one prove cartels are broken AF? not receiving any drug money. will admins comp for this?
  5. AbraKadabra

    Get rid of Lethals @ Fed events
  6. AbraKadabra

    Less reward more risk
  7. AbraKadabra

    BW in general is just so much harder, they can litterly just run right threw the walls and lethal you from 300meters out on a hill with a bunker!
  8. AbraKadabra

    -Warpoints for killing cops -Hq takeover (In progress) - longer respawn time end of conversation
  9. AbraKadabra

  10. AbraKadabra

    Considering I've been comped for this situation?? +1 Time Jacob
  11. AbraKadabra

    COACH, Put me in

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