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  1. yeah ngl all of these prices are extremely cracked fetus where tf you getting these prices from dood
  2. why did you make another post lol
  3. sorry coach thats a no from me man
  4. Sweet, sounds like a well-thought event
  5. Sure, if it is that they decide to do that
  6. APD won't pay for kits if they go warzone, so don't expect the fight to be in warzone
  7. Will apd be eligible for raffle rewards? How exactly does apd win, or is apd more of a distraction and further disruption of fights between gangs/civ? Are apd liable for the kits used? More over, will they be be required to pay for their kits. ^If this isn't the case, APD won't choose cartels or warzone, because they have to pay for kits.
  8. Y A Y O


    Ok.. If this was your first montage I would be like ok whatever But this is the second time the community told you the unwritten rules of montages and you haven't learned
  9. Current offer on abdira garage is 1.7m Also selling envg's
  10. like i said should have just bought my envg's
  11. https://gyazo.com/38de64382064058874ec91b529068013 https://gyazo.com/06ae1e2ac093e8c97566b85e7ccfaa90 Abdira garage & Dp 13 4c (maxed) & garage
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