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  1. THIS IS WHY WE SHOULD OVERTHROW THE HIERARCHY RID OF THESE FALLACIOUS ADMINS AND SINNERS! RYAN HAS FALLEN DUE TO MILLENIUM AND THSTNERDGUY! WE MUST OVERTHROW THEM!! if we do not act fast my brothers, we may lose our community. Other admins and mods, may fall to these sinners! forgive but we will not forget until revenge is back!
  2. Blasphemy! Forgive me revenge, my confidence has gone past Olympus staff. We must overthrow thatnerdguy, however, the rest may stay so as long as they repent!
  3. Overthrow the government! Lock up Thatnerdguy! overthrow the commander Ryan! Replace everyone with Revenge and almighty Allah! Thatnerdguy has abused his powers!
  4. How can Thatnerdguy take another life! Blasphemy! FREE REVENGE
  5. we need a montage of this top tier shooting eta on doke oly 1?
  6. only if i think i may have gotten too close to my shit
  7. razer keyboards last me years
  8. 1x AT offroad, chrome, maxed out & fully insured
  9. Y A Y O


    its ok i support you
  10. Y A Y O


    your 105 kg 5'4?
  11. Y A Y O


    how fat is fat we talking like 105 + or smth and if you 6' + you not even a girl you straight up a homo at that point
  12. Y A Y O


    the only exception to being fat is if your funny if you're not funny find a door

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