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  1. What exactly does this represent? You’re iq is equivalent to that of a brick wall
  2. Y A Y O


    This was never answered is this bannable
  3. Was it a fun event? Sure I think overall it was a great success and it was well thought out, although, there are some kinks that need to be reworked. (Already mentioned) ^ I’m just reiterating that the player base is what ruins the fun, the cheaters, the gangs getting disqualified, etc. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but of course that’s no excuse to try and eradicate the errors.
  4. Whole thing was a joke honestly so many closet cheaters right now that it’s just unbearable to make something like this game competitive Kids need to cheat without other people knowing to boost their irl ego’s when they frag with esp and montage it And obviously I’m grateful the game has lasted this long, but it’s definitely getting close to calling it quits because at what point does dealing with closet cheaters get boring I’m sure there were more kids cheating that weren’t caught, without a doubt. Wouldn’t be surprised if oly came out as an hvh server soon
  5. If you want a chance at reducing your ban, trying be a non moronic ass hole to the staff. Just because you get banned and you might be upset about it doesn't mean you should let your e-ego take place of what is proper behavior. Respect the staff and hopefully they respect you in return
  6. This did not age well at all I guess it was free if you cheat I’m est so 3pm is in the middle of the day unlike other arma players i actually have things i would rather do on a saturday so i might be able to play round 1 but probably nothing past that
  7. Bump can someone benchmark arma w a 3080 Also what cpu are you using
  8. Y A Y O


    Well yeah it kind of sucks, there was always cheaters but now its as if 30% of the time i come across someone there on something
  9. Put it earlier like 12pm / 3pm is literally in the middle of the day lol
  10. Y A Y O


    Hmm no i never said that Im saying that as a whole community in general, there are countless closet cheaters, and the number is higher than I could have ever expected
  11. Y A Y O


    66546E3C-3FD3-4A9E-AABE-415F54E58D82.webp Monster told me to kms at conquest yesterday... how can he say that to his number 1 fan man So many closet cheaters man
  12. Y A Y O


    It’s called cheats.com thats some hidden talent now
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