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  1. its crazy he's gone now init (british accent)
  2. yes because more money = more money able to be gambled
  3. I'll look more into it I haven't tried feeling the pump
  4. corsair h100 something something liquid cooling good cooler
  5. No oc that I know of and z170x gigabyte 6 ^something like that
  6. I have a corsair liquid cooling for my cpu i have the h100x i believe ok ill try that and ill reapply thermal paste its probably time to switch to a better cpu soon because 4 cores is pretty bummy as of 2020 standards i think
  7. Born and raised republican so naturally will vote for trump, but both of these candidates are definitely not the best we could ask for.
  8. I checked the cooler and its completely fan. Maybe a little dusty on the top but nothing crazy I have an i7 7700k and ive heard that theyre known for overheating Im planning on switching over to amd for more cores but that will also require a new mother board so not excited for that I just put all my fans into max power so hopefully that does something
  9. https://gyazo.com/c39141eeec38b1cdc02cba88aa4cf046 help
  10. Y A Y O


    just found out my 144hz gaming monitor has been running at 60hz for the past 2 years. i hate my fucking life
  11. Everyone: The economies broken, we need a money sink Also Everyone: We need a rollback because we all lost a lot of money
  12. if the player busts before the dealer whats the problem i mean lets all bust at one time everyones happy
  13. Y A Y O

    wts envgs

    just to be clear im selling them lol your buying right wts as in want to sell sorry for the confusion
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