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  1. I own side chat S2
  2. That 0k bounty though
  3. I feel like I just watched an autistic child putting peanut butter onto a styrofoam plate and proceeding to eat it.....
  4. Who's SB?
  5. Buckie can't read titles well, he smashed too many keyboards over his head
    1. afalcon


      lmao you should have seen him today when he tried to fly an orca...

  6. no one offered him 10m, i sold it to him for 5m because it was shite. he is trying to make his money back plus extra
  8. Real name? or In game name?
  9. RayRay is this you? I know you have a "dope" mustang
  10. top fucking kek lol. that video was great
  11. Tanoa was a MoB only thing. EXACTLY lol so why are you still going on about it? That's my point.... you're thought process is unbearably minimal can we get a strawpoll for this? i agree with this statement
  12. Deimos actually has you beat and it honestly doesn't feel bad at all. you didn't steal from me bud, you stole from, Jaeger and the rest of Tree. feelsbadman