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  1. Johnson4356

    late response but still, i wasn't talking about the handgun nor the suppressor. Ferris said he had a "IWI X95 with ACOG Scope and red dot sights on top." IWI x96 msrp = 2 grand ACOG = 1 grand Top of the line red dot (since he didn't name the specific brand i'm going to assume it's a nice one) = several hundred dollars. i might not've hit it right on the head, but i've got a feeling i'm pretty close to the price that was spent. (assuming he bought everything brand new with no discount)
  2. Johnson4356

    i had an uncle who had a ton of guns, supressors and all that shit. he knew a guy that had a .50 and let him shoot it, literally loud enough to blow you eardrums out it was actually amazing.
  3. Johnson4356

    alright bro finna go get a tax stamp and buy a full auto M16a2 just to flex (now all i need is 30 grand to buy it)
  4. Johnson4356

    this is acutally like 3.5 grand worth a gun/attachments. why tho. i mean don't get me wrong i love guns i have a lot of guns got a few AKs and a few ARs, but why spend this much money on ONE FUCKING GUN
  5. Johnson4356

    by "accidentally" i meant as in you were firing and then he moved causing you to him him and what not. chill bruh
  6. Johnson4356

    i've been told warning shots can hit a heli if it's an accident. obviously if your warning shots knock out something important you're fucked
  7. Johnson4356

    meme'd cop. the day i got cop i went from having 2 mil to 5
  8. Johnson4356

    read, young padawan
  9. Johnson4356

    protip : Make the bet then sprint away from the person you betted with. works for me :/
  10. Johnson4356

    All of these would be great! >:D
  11. Johnson4356

    maybe kyle will give out another 35 mil for the thermals
  12. Johnson4356

    i'll offer you me first dollar
  13. Johnson4356

    keep everything, but throw lockpicks and glass
  14. Johnson4356

    that's a big 'ole oof
  15. Johnson4356

    i got 504,100 and then went to sleep because my head hurt

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