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  1. something like this will happen in CS if you noclip too far away from the map, guns will become distorted because the game has issues finding which part of the model should be where. arma might have a system to prevent this by reloading the model. idfk tho, just a guess.
  2. if they don't spam side chat with "lmao to scared to even fight us zzzzzz" or something along the lines of that and they'll eventually give in
  3. 1. war every kav scat gang 2. go to kav if you did it right there's a 95% chance anyone in kavala with a 6.5+ is your enemy gang
  4. jokes on you, i watched this 8 months ago
  5. @SquirrelSensei  i would say congrats to you in ts, but i still cant pronounce your name

  6. oh, on jah?

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    2. Montez


      stay mad just because im better than you zzzzzzz

    3. WALT™
    4. Demon9845
  7. r.i.p Zahzi?

  8. if admins deem you didn't have enough time to comply, it'll still be RDM. the 5 second rule isn't static, certain situations require more or less time to judge a players next actions
  9. i find it very ironic that i'll tell a medic not to revive someone, and even pay an invoice for the money he would've gotten from the revive, then proceed to find the medic reviving him. but y'know.
  10. i've seen it on some streams for it, but a friend sent it to me, and i like it lmao
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