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  1. Montez


  2. Imagine taking down a post that doesn't make you look good lmao 

  3. @Strae fuck you weeb, happy birfday

    1. Strae


      twank wu :wub:

  4. just a bunch of shitters, especially that @Antrhony- LoSt mY dAd HELp guy
  5. yeah it will, you especially need to work on dropping on kids. it'll help you alot irl
  6. Montez


    imagine o7'ing, cya retard <3
  7. Montez


    just report them or ask for comp. no reason to complain on the forums
  8. this sounds like a really good way to run over your neighbor's kid.
  9. last time i fought an .exe member i had like 90 hours. but
  10. you just fucking suck big time wiener, you hit that one PO like twice. please use your last remaining braincells before you make a post like this again
  11. we just really don't like @Rossco
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