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  1. anybody got any good video of how the conquest events go down?
    I don't have my pc to play, and I'd like to see one 🙂

    1. Millennium


      5Locations on map. 
      1 location is chosen, each location has 3 caps which have flag poles u need to cap like a black market.

      you get points for having a cap, first to 1000 wins the pot of all the money from ppl dying and their loadouts

  2. just message Monkeysz on discord ez
  3. wasn't there like a rule update that only staff members can do give aways?
  4. @Revise i can still count the amount of teeth you have on one hand

    1. Revise


      have you migrated to lawns yet or do you still help run the cartel?

    2. Montez


      lawns monday-thursday, cartel friday-sunday

  5. you say this as if sarcasm can be perceived through text (UnLeSs YoU'rE tYpInG lIkE tHiS) but yea, im the roleplayer, FrankieTwinkletoes.
  6. or, it's just a simple fix because not being able to say "why the fuck did you rdm me you fucking retard" while on civ is fucking aids stop complaining
  7. Montez


    22k uid ezzzzz
  8. Montez

    7.62 sup

    i'll give you 4 dollars and @maxg's nudes
  9. crying over olympus money because u bet and lost it all that's a, singular, yike.
  10. Montez


    his main drops from 1b to 11k and his alt jumps from 11k to 1b.. i honestly think he's spawning in money someone ban this kid
  11. Montez

    The APD

    3. House/gang shed searches are authorized when: 1. An APD member has a form of probable cause (bounty, illegal weapon, etc.) and witnesses a civilian interacting with, shooting out of, or taking refuge in a house/gang shed in any form. The Sergeant+ has discretion on whether or not to conduct a search. it's a yikes, but i bet this was technically considered "taking refuge" in the shed. next time just dont afk in ur shed with a bounty nerd
  12. @Zeuse ur still gay

    1. Zeuse


      Only for you bb ❤️😉

    2. Montez


      this is why ur not allowed within 300 feet of a school zone 

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