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  1. happy birthday to one of the craziest fucking homies @buckie enjoy it homie

  2. hbd @Elements hope alls well bud

  3. vedalkenn


    wheres my mk200 you fuck
  4. ayo tf do i do in runescape besides fish bruh

  5. hbd old man tarkov sometime @bigPat

  6. prayin askren puts jake in the dirt


  7. springbreakers have a pocket admin now fuck yeah

  8. I have beef with Steel Series, cause every time I've gotten something from them it just works like shit
  9. this thread is just an ego battle between scat gangs besides the only good scat gangs to exist are DB and Memeshack easily
  10. rip to the uncontested season, baylor fucking showed up tho

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    2. ThatNerdyGuy


      Gonzaga was my brackets only hope . . . and they didn't show up to the game.

    3. jig


      was in 4th place and had baylor and gonzaga in finals and had gonzaga winning gg

    4. vedalkenn


      as a gonzaga fan, it hurts to see kisperts redemption for 2017 against UNC go down the drain. 

  11. did anyone watch final four, and see the crazy fucking buzzer beater?

  12. Oklahoma can't hang with Timme, Gonzaga; top seed advances | Sports |  wfmz.com

    timme gets power from the stache

  13. today ive learned @House is dyslexic, ive also learned 3rd grade reading passages are a struggle 

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