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  1. Thank you for a lovely valentine's night! 

  2. anyone want to do kiba runs with me? im bored

  3. sam walton has nightmares about unions 

    1. ChillX


      thats lit bro

  4. 108b454719f2794220bf0292a1ee34bf.png

    im reformed :^)

  5. one of these days trippie red best bite his fuckin tounge with that fuckin grill on

  6. hi anyone wanna buy a dp13 house

    1. Vcx


      i will if the lawlers get a gang wars final rematch

  7. The Lawlers have more diversity now as me and @Dealer are on the team. The BBQ will now be offering mexican food.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cale


      I believe @Masoooooooooon is bringing tea and crumpets if anyone would like to come aswell

    3. Horizon


      damn i predicted them winning but now with you guys on the team i may have to change my bets...

    4. vedalkenn


      @Horizon Best still vote for us you monkey

  8. Happy Birthday homie hope its good for ya @Linka

    1. Linka


      love ya homie


  9. you fucked up the highlighting you monkey
  10. @Kedar and here i thought you got corporal

  11. Happy Birthday Brother hope it's good for you man! JG but your @ is fucked walter

    1. WALT™


      Haha thanks bro! We turning up tonight

    2. Cale


      ved for me its alt ; 0153 on number pad

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