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    1. Monks


      saw this last night pretty goowd 

  2. @Grandma Gary hbd swede

    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      @Fake Grandma is the Swede.  I'm the one that everyone likes ^_^

    2. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      @Grandma Gary HAHAHAHAHAHA, How does it feel to be beaneath me? Welcome to Swedeland ❤️ 

  3. If I'm being honest I'm not the biggest fan of either, but I prefer Trump over Biden. Trump is really open with the way he thinks about things, and he's basically the average olympus player. But Biden seems kind of clueless when it comes down to it, he's also got poor wording some times just like Trump. Personally I think it could go either way this year.
  4. congrats worked hard for it big man @Headless

  5. fuck all the 12 yr olds who came and ordered the travis scott burger today

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    2. Cale


      cactus jack sent me

    3. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      YOOO CATCUS JACK SENT ME *turns up goosebumps*

    4. Cale
  6. vedalkenn


    wouldnt let me edit my post but @buckie is the homie best lawyer to have on your side
  7. vedalkenn


    used a voice changer and tried to fight with my brother in memeshack ts
  8. any games worth getting rn?

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    2. Monks



    3. vedalkenn


      accept my friend request or else buckie

    4. Drippp


      Waiting for assassins creed Valhalla 

  9. vedalkenn


    modpacks are for losers
  10. vedalkenn


    play fivem with me
  11. vedalkenn


    i dont find arma fun anymore it really doesnt appeal to me the way it did when i was in highschool so peace out boys @Tapatio and idk Bucks fucking @ thanks for the late night fishing planet moves that shit was fun @Masoooooooooon get designer or retire you fucking nerd @WALT™ hope college is going well big dog thanks for all the good times @MarveL easy wins in valorant 5v5s @House your a retard but i love you @Linka @Greenbum @Strae o7 homies thanks for the memes and shit we did while getting shitfaced separate @ for @Linka your a good dude, thanks for being a good homie bro @Vcx ive known you for a surprisingly long time know that i think about it, thanks for all the good times dude @destruct thanks for always fighting for me on my bans, but fuck you at the same time for giving me toxicity warning points @Zurph rip that hatchback @DABESTeva o7 mr dabest thanks for playing cop with me when i was bored out of my fucking mind @Ming i love you @Kyle. @Nurse Lou a scottish idiot, an unwashed puerto rican, and a mexican walk into a bar. @Drippp sir drippington anyone i forgot sorry but uh yeah o7 boys thanks for all the good times and shit but its time for me to leave gl to you motherfuckers in life
  12. hbd man its been the longest 4 years of my life knowing you @Masoooooooooon

    also hbd [ s ] @carstensen

    1. Masoooooooooon


      Did you mispell best?  😄


  13. i was playing fivem and my mat 121 teacher heard me talkin about meth cause i forgot to mute my mic 😐

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    2. ooooooooo


      "If this moron doesnt give me his fucking heroin, Im gonna blow his fucking brains out no cap"

    3. Millennium


      "lets rob this cop"  "tase that cop"  "shoot that cop"

    4. DashTonic


      Should had it recorded

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