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  1. HBD @WALT I hope your days good big man, hope alls well bud. JG

    1. WALT


      JG 4 Life

      Thanks brother

  2. vedalkenn


    peace old man, play fucking tarkov with us
  3. hi looking for more tarkov players cause sammy gears slower than my grandmother walks

    1. Peterr


      Yes ved I’ll come carry you as the .7 player I am 

  4. I don't get why you're upset over that, it's just arma bud
  5. Merry Christmas all, hope you all have a good day with your families, and if you can't spend it with them I hope it's still good for you :).


  6. didnt realize it was supposed to snow and be icy as fuck and didnt put snow tires on my death trap, almost died like 7 times on deliv

  7. @Fiend I've made it past the first boss and am past the cursed great wood, I didn't kill Greirat and I love this NPC

    1. Monks


      Ok now you settle down, have kids and live your life out with the npc. You won the game! 🙂

    2. Fiend


      There’s two distinct forms of the Greirat quest line. Personally, just play through the game and check them out the one you didn’t get afterwards.

      He is the best DS3 NPC though in my opinion. Here’s a video regarding his role and lore in the game, contains spoilers so if you care about that watch it after your play through and you will love the character even more.

      The voice actor is also pretty cool. He was in multiple James Bond movies, he played the father of the little girl in Saving Private Ryan who tried to give the girl to the US soldiers, played a role in Dark Souls 2 as well.


  8. hah imagine getting globaled couldnt be me B)

  9. vedalkenn

    o7 gents

    peace out moseph havent known you to long but you're a chill dude hmu if you ever wanna play some shit
  10.  please someone watch this and tell me what im doing wrong for the love of god

  11. I'm trying Dark Souls for the first time and my friends are bullying me cause I can't beat the fucking dude I pulled a sword out of

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Fiend


      If you complete his quest line he could have been summoned to help you in the boss fights of Oceiros and Nameless King. Additionally, he could give you stuff like the collapse emote, farrons ring, hawkwood shield, and a heavy gem.

      It's not BAD that you killed him. I only completed his questline once. But killing non-hostile NPCs usually limits what you can achieve later on since many items are locked behind certain quests. Quests have no notification by the way in Dark Souls nor do you receive much direction. You just need to meet the requirements which can be found online if you care.

      There's only one non-hostile NPC I kill every play through I have simply because he lures you into traps to steal your gear.

    3. vedalkenn


      Ok, well I can't fucking kill him cause he's just better so I restarted


    4. Lucien


      Fuck patches all my homies hate patches

  12. o7 hope you stay well
  13. I'm kinda banking on Cyberpunk, but Witcher is a great game if you're looking for singleplayer ones
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