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  1. @rennn dindu nuffin :^( free this man

  2. Can I be a support team member if I'm on restriction?

    It's not technically a white listed faction.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Millennium
    3. destruct


      Let me a give you the advance response to your app: Nah, be less toxic first

    4. vedalkenn


      1 hour ago, destruct said:

      Nah, be less toxic first

      But I'm not toxic :^(

  3. @JuanDeaged congrats now i can play banana >:^(


    1. JuanDeaged


      you dont even have enough money to buy loadouts so banana is still mine

  4. @SecTranLive thanks for not muting my forums when I flame unlike someone else

    *cough* @destruct *cough*

    1. destruct


      You best start behavin' better

  5. im a free man :^)

  6. atryan hei i did bad and drank a bit mormon bad ❤️ love you jus wanted to say tht also whalter ur a cool guy

  7. 5fea960fdcb54f3cb136e395ab5afd1b.png


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    2. buckie


      7 accounts permed :(

    3. an overweight giant retard

      an overweight giant retard

      “I’ll over feed it”


    4. Ryan


      man just cant catch a break with the perms lol

  8. Day 6: @Ryan Well I'm only writing this cause I was hoping my class would be cancelled due to low visibility. But the old ass polish demon won't cancel it. I could be staying at home and not almost dying trying to drive to class here in a bit having fun with buds.

    Please unban me so in the future when my demon of a math teacher cancels class I can play 😞

    Edit: Also C9 is taking worlds home this year.


    1. KrispyK


      Imagine not rooting for CG

    2. billdroid


      Unban him now or else...

    3. vedalkenn


      @Ryan I'm doing Day 7 now cause I go on flight tomorrow.

      Day 7: Well I'm bored of these so yeah, I'm going to go do stuff in Utah and maybe convert to Mormon. Have a lovely day cause I am now due to the fact I didn't die driving home doing 40 over iced roads. ❤️

  9. Day 5: @Ryan I can't really think of what to write today. I'm feeling kind of grey because it snowed today. So here is something to remind you of summer.

    Image result for summer poems for kids

    Please unban me because I went to an extent to search up children's summer poems.

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    2. vedalkenn


      6 minutes ago, swervy said:

      you’re persistent ill give you that

      That's the entire point of me doing this tbh.

    3. Dealer


      just message ryan tbh it’s far more effective than a status update

    4. vedalkenn


      4 minutes ago, Dealer said:

      just message ryan tbh it’s far more effective than a status update

      I've been talking with him, this is more a side thing.

  10. Where's my unban

  11. Day 4: Dearest @Ryan it's me again. I hope this finds you in good times, how have you been? I've been ok but I've seen better days. I can hardly afford the house anymore and I believe my wife to be cheating like I did on asylum. Please unban me before the storm. I need to be able to feed my dog, have a heart. 

    Yours Truly, vedalkenn.

  12. Day 3: @Ryan Well Rex my original banning staff member has retired, it's a sad day. But we'll make it through knowing he would've maybe wanted to unban me. Because in a sense I never cheated on the server 😄.

    1. Jimmy Jarvis

      Jimmy Jarvis

      sit cheater 

    2. Drippp


      @Ryan Free him or else

    3. Elements


      sit cheater

  13. o7 Rex, shame you're leaving before I got to see the big red denied on my appeal
  14. Day 2: @Ryan Hi again, it's me. I'm here to ask for a unban again. Because free me I technically did nothing wrong.

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    2. vedalkenn


      4 minutes ago, Bloodmoon said:

      Better keep this daily journal going until you get an unban.

      I plan on it

    3. Drippp


      @Ryan Honestly just free the lad.

    4. Jerrod


      FREE HIM @Ryan

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