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  1. If anyone wants to you're welcome to join some shitty custom games with me and friends on Halo info below

    Speed halo/Nascar pro: Custom Game Join on PixelPacker6793

  2. whoever the fucking roleplayers are that voted to keep it the same fuck off shits cancer and so are you
  3. im a free man restrictions are no more!

    @Mason Statham round up the angels

    1. Cale


      whats your pid so i can add u to the roster

    2. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      @jke write up the strats lad

    3. WALT™


      @Mason Statham @vedalkenn legendary Jeep Guild Members will carry the Mason's Angels

  4. With the sale on steam, are there any decent games that anyone could recommend? 

    1. Kamikaze


      If you have not played It, I highly recommend buying the complete collection for Dishonored. Its $24 on steam currently and it has 3 very good single player story games.

  5. #Bukkie4Suport2k19

  6. vedalkenn


    wdym i havent left
  7. vedalkenn


    good bye friend drippp play hearthstone with me
  8. hello friend technically elements has a point as a reformed member of this community i do believe the boys including myself are unpermed
  9. Aside from the fact it's an decent topic, why the spam post bud?
  10. unlock the thread you fuckin monkey im trying to post more shitty memes of zurph @Ryan

  11. since im not banned anymore and ive been on my best behavior i should be able to play because i fall under none of those categories
  12. o7 Unjo ill miss getting shot in the back by a suppressed mar10
  13. how long you think this will last @destruct

    1. destruct


      As long as you guys want it to

  14. Happy Birthday 

  15. G2 will fucking take it home.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. vedalkenn


      @rapidaax being a realist though, despite how well I think G2 will do FPX will probably win. 

      Right out of a challenger league they won their region, and now are worlds finalists.

    3. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      These stupid fpx retards ruined my pickem still got G2 to win

      Honestly tho IG just threw that last game the shy went full Tyler1

    4. KrispyK


      Fuck eu faggots yall can bite the dust

      china always wins in the end

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