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  1. vedalkenn

    You banned me from discord you dumb thicc hick
  2. vedalkenn

    go away
  3. They've freed the one and only @Google allow us to rejoice

  4. vedalkenn

    1 hour
  5. vedalkenn

    dream i need money cause my 7 mil disappeared into thin air, spare some change?
  6. Best experience definitely is learning anything can become a 5 star dish when you've got the munchies
  7. watch me be shit at monster hunter


    1. NokiaStrong


      Take that twitch pfp down 

    2. vedalkenn


      1 hour ago, NokiaStrong said:

      Take that twitch pfp down 

      denied :bender-dance:

  8. Anyone here play Monster Hunter: World? I just started playing a few days ago and I'm just looking for some tips and things

    1. Millennium
    2. Corps


      Kill the fuck out them monsters. @Prime and I have been playing a lot. You just gotta find weapons you’re good with, and learn you use traps

    3. vedalkenn


      Well I've been trying out the Charge Axe, but I recently moved to the long sword to give that a shot. @Corps

  9. uh ive got a green circle now

  10. clickbait pt 2



    check it out cause im a sellout

  12. vedalkenn

    how did u of all people get civ council
  13. vedalkenn

    Try getting a Wifi USB
  14. vedalkenn

    You've gone looking in the right place for this, welcome to Olympus. Jackass.
  15. vedalkenn

    +1 SUV is very underrated and does need some loving

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