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  1. It's LAWLER SZN boys @Dealer @jke

  2. i thought it was pretty funny despite how stupid it is

  3. damn bro das crazy but i dont remember anyone askin
  4. Congrats I hope you took a gb in celebration @Greenbum 

  5. 35d60e74809a0e102552727f665e50f4.png

    real mad over a few words @ChrisGG

    1. Headless


      i dont think saying the n word over and over was a few words

  6. shame the boys won't be playing with the family. Still a free win for the Lawlers gl troopers

    1. Masoooooooooon


      ^^ really got done dirty with the whole JKE thing tbh i clearly said he use to have a scripting ban and got the ok for him to play but stupid expecting different at this point.

  7. o7 max we didnt talk much but you supported my efforts on an unban sorry to see you go soldier
  8. @Ryan Ahem. Originally I do believe you said I could not play due to restrictions. I believe the boys including myself @jke @Dealer should be allowed to play I would also like to include the fact that I was not global banned.
  10. vedalkenn


    o7 Memeshack Super Nova
  11. yikes imagine screenshotting what i said and using it as a signature shouldn't you be in school kid also aren't you like 12-13? If you're going to say something like this at least back it up rather than just saying "OuR pReSiDeNt iS ReTaRdEd"
  12. If anyone wants to you're welcome to join some shitty custom games with me and friends on Halo info below

    Speed halo/Nascar pro: Custom Game Join on PixelPacker6793

  13. whoever the fucking roleplayers are that voted to keep it the same fuck off shits cancer and so are you
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