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  1. max^

    A fuck ton of people want this to happen But Olympus will never remove Vigis. like @hawk said theres a post every week and it goes no where. Stop
  2. @ThatNerdyGuy Happy Birthday You Turtle beach Headset Unboxer!!


    PS. got a pair coming ur way xd

  3. max^

  4. Selling a 4 Crater in abdera highest offer is 4 mill
  5. fuck that ignis guy gosh...... <3

  6. max^

    i dont want to lose my loadout to a tazer sorry
  7. max^

    What Bojo Said
    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. Canada


      Yes but if he was demoted he would've went to Corp. But he was offered perm corp and took it. So why lose his corp now? 

      If not perm corp he should've retained something correct me if I'm wrong.

    3. Dante


      He didn’t lose Corp. he lost exceptions. He stepped down from APD once he lost exceptions. 

    4. max^


      Why are all the - kids just now talking about how DP should have his hunters LOL

  8. max^

    yeah its around 4.3m for a fully upgraded
  9. max^

    since when could you buy a 4 crater fully upgraded for 3 mill lol
  10. max^

    o7 man Hope Life gets Better GL PS Thanks for helping me get to in to APD <3
  11. You're Welcome


    1. mon5t3r


      No Thank you.

    2. Millennium


      Only good part is Juice WRLD

  12. max^

    Damn... Didn't See This Coming All Jokes aside Thank you so Much for Giving me a chance in the APD

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