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  1. maxg

    Yeah being permed could have played into it or its because some of the current seniors don't know you or don't think you would make a good cop, but remember im not sAPD so i could be totally wrong
  2. maxg

    It was pretty easy for me to get one but everyone is different, I suggest you make a rep for yourself on the forums so don't be aids, toxic, retarded ( not saying you are ) and maybe @Pledge will give you a shot at APD
  3. Congrats @Headless good shit buddy, Watch out for bushes :FeelsBad:

    1. Headless




      Thank buddy!

  4. Level 150 Retard

  5. dolphin gang

  6. maxg

    Our Shadow Civ Rep has spoken!
  7. maxg

    rp has corp in kav on civ
  8. maxg

    i aint reading all that shit, wat happened?
  9. perfect time for a summer sale so everyone can buy GTA 5 


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