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  1. It’s been a fun ride and I’ve had a great time over the past few years but I’m just not interested at all in playing or being apart of the administrative team any longer. I’ll occasionally be in TeamSpeak to talk with the boys but other than that I’m out. Now for the cliche part. @BenJI one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and I’ll always be down for discussion with you @rapidaax A person I thought was brain dead at first, who turned out to be GOD tier social engineer and a great friend. Good luck with your shit dog. @Eggmasta a og nigga. We grinded as pos and I’ll never forgot the senior support moments with Kyle being a spaz. @Chickenlittle I appreciate you for carrying me to sergeant and for being a great friend. I’ll never forget when @rapidaax and I were in s plane with you and he flew into rebel by accident and he straight held W to crash. @ChrisGG my nigga. Thanks for all you did with helping me out in the apd but more importantly thanks for being an og. @Fushigi fuck you @Rossco never forget the key to success is being successful. @hawk the dirtiest French Canadian I’ve ever met and make sure to never forget that the queen rules your lands o7
  2. God bless @Grego 's sister and her fat tits
  3. to the round table
  4. [email protected] retar.. oh shit that's toxic

  5. What a train wreck of a season


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