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  1. make olympus ark server

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    2. Dealer


      thats a pve private server make a cluster pvp server

    3. Im shit

      Im shit

      If ads can make us stay afloat, I’d be down to help administrate that kind of server... I know my way around the server hosters and shite. Might be something we look into down the road, but I would defiantly help, stream the content if nothing else @Ryan

    4. Im shit

      Im shit

      Only thing is, @Ryan already knows this, if we were to make an ark server, it wouldn’t work with just olympus players lol, we would need to interest ark players in general. We’ve seen in the past with rust servers and Minecraft servers for olympus, our player base will play for a week and then not anymore. Ark isn’t something that everyone in our community plays for starters, and the 20 people from our community that might play won’t play all the time, meaning the server would be empty most of the time which = no pvp. We’d have to market and structure an ark server just like any brand new server to entice new players. It would take a lot to make the server something people would actually play, making it not really something to go for unless people donated for it, cause I know I’m not, and recently olympus isn’t made of money either. Just my 2 cents

  2. anyone know a place i can order healthy chicken from?

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    2. Drippp


      Popeyes Louisiana kitchen

    3. evannnn


      @Drippp IS SPEAKIN FACTS


    4. Cale



  3. aimboteer.jpg

    soo good at ark man

  4. does any one in high-school know if the 75$ for nshss worth it?

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    2. evannnn


      oh @Rossco mb lol

    3. ThatNerdyGuy


      you're teachers at school will ask about joining NHS. Not a letter in the mail. Usually they dont do it until Junior and Senior year.

    4. gaz


      probably worth it, all the nerds that did that shit got into good schools.

  5. get off the forums and enjoy ur bday

    1. Jerrod


      1 of carti's better songs, no baby voice

  7. i didnt get kicked i was banned for like a year and came back
  8. i got kicked from the discord like a month ago lol and i’m still in the snap gc ur special
  9. you a grown ass man talking shit to teenagers on arma bro u weird asf
  10. u don’t make sense bro what did i get kicked from
  11. tbf i don’t remember y’all getting into a video call. what you doin in a video call with teenagers anyways ain’t u a grown man?
  12. dont really know how he stated facts but ok shitty roast cause its not true haha
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