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  1. idk im waiting for when some admins pussy starts hurting to put that shit on me go look at my ban list and tell me how serious i take this game i have more hours banned than on this server i lost cop 7+ times and some how managed to grab support team at one point very well managed server not based on friend groups
  2. I don’t work I sell ? to stupid kids for 80 bucks so them internships better be paying pretty fat stacks to match
  3. Sorry idk what this means I’m not a lil online nerd but good job with the “update” it’s crazy what a bunch of losers can do when they in a rush to not have the sever be ripped also eta on my cop back I’m ready whenever
  4. Update formed make nothing different except make it look like asylum textured our devs are very unique and creative
  5. Today a tragic event happened i was banned by The Goat one of the most big dicked mods out there, I'm here to explain why vdm is a no no. VDM which stands for vehicular death match has affected so many young lives in kav square and it's a traumatizing event to have to go through. I have fallen ashamed to have put someone through this before and this will be my way to come to peace with it. I understand now more than ever that this shameful act can not stand and will be punished by the gods of altis refrain from letting your mind take control fight with your heart and imagine the pain you will be putting someone through before you decide what your next move will be. During the Vietnam war american soldiers would run down veitemist civilians and crush them with tanks the term for this was called zipperheading due to the fact that the tank treads would make an outline in the head of its victim. When I ran over the officer at neo HQ i didn't quite think of all the emotional damage I would be putting this man through and i will forever have to live with that. I will do my best everyday I wake up out of bed to better the lives of everyone in any little way i can and un banning me may be the best decision you can make it would change a young life i can keep ignoring the facetimes i get and no life the shit out the server who needs pussy when you got war points. I would like to finally say that Vdm is not the way if you see someone in front of you and get the sudden devient feeling to attack just remember a 14 day which is equal to 20160 minutes and 336 hours of not being able to afk cop be a biest medic or cap cartels with a taser will be the worst 14 days you can go through. you will be hit with the goats elephant sized penis if you don't respect the laws of this beautiful island of altis thank you for your time ladies and gentlemen peace love and no Vdm or you will be destroyed by goat on cap he will rip your fat ass off of dildo without shooting a shot. had to rip a bowl to write this aids thanks bb. its also in general chit chat
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