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  1. Bye max, thanks for helping me not be a retard as supervisor even tho Richard still thinks otherwise
  2. In the future we should do a huge Gun Fight tourney
  3. the real question to be asked is Moe's vs Chipotle
  4. only a short 20k out from pyrgos
  5. o7, you're a gentleman and a scholar, Olympus has been lucky to have you
  6. Big thanks, that's just what i needed to hear and bet I was actually looking at this monitor a bit. Black Friday I'm gonna snatch one up and upgrade ye old 1070 to a 2080ti its been a good year.
  7. Us career medics need every penny we can get now that our pay got cut.
  8. I think you meant white claws, its low carb szn these days but o7 bb
  9. Does anybody use a 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor to play arma? If you do, what monitor do you use, is arma actually enjoyable on an ultrawide, and any other suggestions are appreciated! Looking to upgrade in the next couple months or so and i'm starting to looked around, thanks for any feedback. I love yo faces
  10. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the R&R would accept the application as being age 16+ is a required prerequisite before submitting an application. Ofc you miss 100% of the shots you don't take tho.
  11. Nahh im talking about PC and desk set ups
  12. Saw this done in February but i don't think the prize money was ever awarded/ a winner was ever picked. I think it would be cool if we could get another round of this going with potential for prize money. @Ryan pwwwwzzzzzz
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