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  1. Clover

    Nahh im talking about PC and desk set ups
  2. Clover

    Saw this done in February but i don't think the prize money was ever awarded/ a winner was ever picked. I think it would be cool if we could get another round of this going with potential for prize money. @Ryan pwwwwzzzzzz
  3. Clover

    I don't think I've ever had a problem with shadow play in the years of using it
  4. Clover

    Just takes a while to upload sometimes just was looking for something to quick and easy for say those short 10-15 sec clips. Yea got a few friends that use that so I'll probably check that out, seems pretty hassle free what what ive heard.
  5. Any suggestions for where to upload clips, that doesn't have a size limit and get links to share that isn't YouTube or vimeo?
  6. Clover

    yea someone knocked down the damn street light, what a rude ass punk
  7. Clover

    ohhhhhh yeaaaa live free or die brotha

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