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  1. Novaa

    Good run

    if you heard his voice he sounds 50 and on crack LOL why do kids take jokes so seriously now a days man L dancing on these hoes
  2. Novaa

    Good run

    some guy named martin good coms fuzz!
  3. Novaa

    Good run

    Still, don't know who you are, can you like explain how I would know you? What a fan idgaf what anyone thinks about me on a video game haha I just fuck around and play idc if you are good or bad, I never called you shit I just said I don't think you cheat cause all the whiffing clips. From my knowledge you have to be terrible bad with no recoil in order to whiff. So again, I never called you shit. ly tb Ill never forget when I bought lamps from you back in 2017
  4. Novaa

    Good run

    wait who tf are you? LOL its a meme cause madman said you had it LOL so I never talked to you so I could care less, plus all the clips of you whiffing I don't think you do
  5. @Zurphsaid when I joined Plague I had to download this thing for next gang wars so I can get better FPS, I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS DUNE WTF ZURPH

  6. Novaa

    Good run

    hes pissed, his gang leader is a 50 year old redneck NOOOOOOOOOOOO
  7. Novaa

    Good run

    Shutup fat retard 0.o
  8. Novaa

    Good run

    Thanks man that guys a meanie head
  9. Novaa

    Good run

    @Dripppwho tf is this salty fanboy on my post
  10. Novaa

    Good run

  11. Novaa

    Good run

  12. Novaa

    Good run

    It was a good run Shoutout to the boys @[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]:) The rest of you I do not know and don't care but GGs boys LUL! @Tb:)pretty sure you on the same boat as me I remember you from OG day, game was boring af you probably did the same as me and came back and just did not care @Parker RHOW COULD YOU BB I LOVE YOU! @nomadoxwas told not to log on for the week so unfortunately hes still out there cheating!
  13. @Fusah o7 man, will always carry you in fortnite pal, I remember when me you and @thorwere a god fucking trio, sM.Nova sM.thor sM.Fusah LOL 07 baby Fusah the Fuck up!
  14. Novaa


    I have never heard of you, please keep this post friendly!
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