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  1. $1, final offer. Take it or leave it.
  2. That would be baller af! +1 @ Slumberjack add it to the list for the next Round Table meeting.
  3. XnavrasX


    o7 bud. Take care of yourself!
  4. Custom Controls: "Just use your Y menu for Redgull like a normal person you monkey!"
  5. I always thought cinematic youtube videos could help. I'm also sure the Vietnam DLC will bring a few people either back or as new players.
  6. Might as well activate the miniguns on the Medic GHawks while you're at it.
  7. Never thought I would see the day.
  8. I ran a diagnostics of your system and determined that Brain.exe has stopped working properly. You may want to get that fixed before you continue to post on the forums.
  9. I was playing with a few friends in high school and we were using shitty spring pistols and not wearing masks. My one friend took another guy hostage and I was trying to get him to let him go. He shot me directly in the nose at a range of maybe 6 feet. I had a huge welt on my nose and my economics teacher looked at me like I was a retard when I told him the story. Decided to light up my friend with my M14 AEG full auto. Had welts all over his arms as I shot him point blank. (Yeah I was an asshole) I've been thinking about getting back into it an building a DMR but I just dont have the time or money right now.
  10. I did 5 of them this morning because I wanted to see the hype. I never made less than 150k, not to mention the additional 60k you get back. Every run regardless of what it is has its risks. Don't be a dog water pilot and learn to land. Do them when less people are on. Figure it out. No clue how leaving those missions alone will kill whats left of the game. Salvage was nerfed to shit and now no one does it anymore. How about leave things alone and allow players to choose on what they want to do and how to make their money instead of forcing them to do runs?
  11. What amazes me is that you have never done them before, finally decide to do one, see that it pays 200k and for whatever god forsaken reason the first thing you feel you need to do is post on the forums asking for a nerf.
  12. I mean you can and that's exactly what that would be. A glass of shit.
  13. Just read the FAR/AIM for do's and dont's.

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