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  1. NigWard

    That’s a waste of money lol
  2. NigWard

    how much
  3. NigWard

    anyone selling MX tazers
  4. NigWard

    illl buy
  5. NigWard

    Sounds kind of cool hiding in lots of vegetation sniping
  6. NigWard

    XD double tap alt next time your in flight so you can move your mouse without moving your aircraft.
  7. NigWard

    I don’t trust anyone but my gang with house purchases. And that’s just me I’ve been scammed once by a non gang member
  8. NigWard

    Yeah fuck all that bullshit
  9. NigWard

  10. NigWard

  11. NigWard

    I usually use mouse for good camera angles but you can double tap alt in order to fly with mouse some people prefer it Yeah but you probably wanna use mouse for the camera angle
  12. NigWard

  13. NigWard

    XD what about stealing my gang mates from police custody No I’ve gotten in trouble for it
  14. NigWard

    So I can super jump just not while engaged ?

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