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  1. NigWard

    Ya sure
  2. NigWard

    So why people say you got banned for pulldowns ? And why ddos?
  3. NigWard

    I heard it was because prime dosed he got banned for it and I also heard that he has pulldowns which he got banned for
  4. NigWard

    You’re a fucking idiot lmfao also why is tiger banned again ?
  5. NigWard

    No I just don’t feel like fighting people with pulldowns which he was banned for stupid fuck not to mention everyone of his videos prove he uses pulldowns it’s not even a fucking argument anyone with a brain would know he cheats . Best words from monster now that there’s a new owner “Let’s bring back all the cheaters and ddosers to make this server even more cancer!” Go fuck your self
  6. NigWard

    Olympus is the only good server out and is the best in my opinion of all the servers that have been out
  7. NigWard

    LOL if all the aussies play Olympus I think it’s be a good idea. It’s be funny as fuck to see them mad too
  8. NigWard

    Are you bringing back gang life? Same with cosma and all his partners Tiger HELL no Yea he did
  9. NigWard

    Ty Peter for running Olympus I’m sure you’ll keep this server great Chaz is a fucking retard
  10. NigWard

    I would like your post but I’m out of reactions
  11. NigWard

    Oh ok makes sense lol
  12. NigWard

    Why didn’t you just gve him his ticket at the corn field you dick head

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