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  1. Post old videos of funny shit on this server, Im specifically looking for one where a medic is given a gun and told to kill people because someone tried to do that to me the other day.
  2. I've punched a hole in my wall for some guy combat logging on me when I tried playing career vigi, this was right after the vigi overhaul and having spent a full day of gray area or rdm deaths
  3. @Asset I was more talking about in the server
  4. Tanks DLC adds some cool stuff to it (I've got the season pass or whatever) and what do you think is going to be added/would be cool to be added? I personally look forward to customizations to vehicles if it allows me to put camonets and tools on the side of an ifrit or a strider
  5. about less than 1.5 km north from the trader, can hold up to 800 moonshine or whatever you throw in it will post pictures of location and house when I get on server next Looking for upwards of 750k
  6. Its Saturday morning and nobody has made another vigi cry thread, so lets break the ice and get on with the obligatory and daily hate threads haha vigies are fuckin trash. like just go jerk off the sr apd if you wanna tase so bad, how dare somebody tase somebody else neck your neck
  7. I know I spent at least 1.5 million on vehicles
  8. The vigilante can rob or fight people as much as they want, they are no exception to the law and people always forget that. I like to play vigi because I enjoy earning money from the bounty and don't quite care for the time requirements of APD, it has its drawbacks such as gear pricing and leveling/accidental setbacks, but most importantly the salt is extreme, I always will shadowplay somebody screaming that I broke the rules and will sit there and read the rule to them. (Its more fun than it sounds) After reading all this, you had a fortified position, an escape vehicle with tires that wont easily pop to 9mm and bullet resistant glass, and a larger caliber weapon. Frankly you deserve to lose that fight and I don't feel bad because you come onto the forums and make another vigi cry post. don't do HEMTT copper runs when the server is densely populated and you wont have bad things happen
  9. With the vigi update, its done really well for a vigi playstyle and I applaud that it was done in a way to not let rule breakers and abusers have all the vigi responsibilities. But there are a few concerns I have about the role and its progression system. What I have may be able to be used to make the leveling system more enjoyable and rewarding to those who want to play it 1-There really isn't any better GEAR (armor/clothing) available, I like the things available in rebel and would like to be able to purchase them, particularly the green digi camo clothing. I'd like to see this unlocked within the 3rd or a 4th tier 2-rebel exclusive vehicles (not .50 cal) I think it would be cool to see another vigi tier added to unlock a vigi vehicle shop, giving hunters or striders with a grey and green paint to distinguish it but having it still be able to be seized. or just normal vehicles like qillin and prowler, still with the previously talked about paint or the flat tan/green versions. I also don't want to have to lose my progress to get a bench little bird, that seems ridiculous 3-vigi gangs have no reason to participate in gang wars. if you give war points for arresting rival gang members based on their loadout and bounty, but not for killing, it would make a pretty neat system to allow career vigis to be able to get some of the heavier gear that rebels would be seen in. as of now if a group of vigis goes against another gang, and they both want war points the vigis would lose progress on their tier system after arrest where a rebel would only lose their bounty. It would also be really difficult for war points to be earned by vigis with an arrest system but would be really rewarding if no new armor or clothing was added to vigi shops. and to even further this, you could only give war point rewards to sting level or higher vigis to avoid an exploitation of role switching to get points Leave your thoughts below, any screeching about how "vigis are cancer" and "they shouldn't be able to play the same way I do" without any evidence or supporting information will be deemed immediately irrelevant REMOVE CAMPFIRES AT VIGI OUTPOSTS
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