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  1. Sandmanmmm

    I sold the hunter and 1 strider, I have 3 striders remaining and i'm looking for 1.15mil each
  2. Sandmanmmm

    Any last offers?
  3. Sandmanmmm

    400K on the MXM
  4. Sandmanmmm

    I am selling 4 striders and 1 hunter. Please either leave bids for the individual vehicles in the form of a reply or private message me your offers.
  5. Sandmanmmm

    Selling 3
  6. Sandmanmmm

    Ill do 2 mil for 2
  7. Sandmanmmm

    Very cool idea I feel this would be cool to go mainstream, the idea I think would be great is with less server staff involvement which is what your looking for but instead maybe the APD could step in if the tenant refuses to leave your property. I think this because being a bad tenant could be a great chance for server role play and it is something that can be experienced in real life but in reality you wouldn't have administrative actions taken by the government but instead by the police.
  8. Sandmanmmm

    Good point
  9. Sandmanmmm

    I lose 100k in 30 seconds so why not buy something
  10. Sandmanmmm

    If Grandma Gary didn't take them, ill buy one pair for 100k
  11. Sandmanmmm

    Any final offers before I accept the highest bid? @Tommy @bigPat @bigSMOKE @Tyrone
  12. Sandmanmmm

    Any last offers before I sell?
  13. Sandmanmmm

    This is a 0 crater "house addon" that's located directly in the immediate vicinity of Kavala Square on server 1. This has many beneficial uses with a few being, a safe place for vigi to bring prisoners before transport, an excellent place to hold hostage, and by locking the door its very easy to rob people in safety. As I said this house is very close to the square with it being within 50m of it. Please leave your offers in here or pm me on the forums for more information, don't be shy about your offers i'm not expecting anything too much.

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