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  1. #UnblacklistDeadPooL

    @Pledge @DeadPool

  2. bby girl notice me 

  3. Kyle Lake

    @ikiled wtf? All the back from the days we played together on civ i have thought you were the shit. You better play video games with me. Also stay away from the support team sheets lol
  4. @Jelly Donut Lies about not having money

  5. Congrats on Supervisor @JakeyPoo

    1. JakeyPoo


      Thanks for the kneepads!

    2. Lukeee


      not making times now gets you supervisor :pog:

  6. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to my egirl 

  7. HBD faggot

  8. Kyle Lake

    This is why you never got Search and Rescue
  9. Congrats @Dr Bambino you were the best worst option

    1. Dr Bambino

      Dr Bambino

      Thanks I love you baby

    2. GREGO


      I'm still the worse worse option, ez

  10. kyle you still a admin


    1. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      His name is Kyle too

  11. Kyle Lake

    Sure take my money
    1. p a t

      p a t

      if yall niggas aint vote little ceasars for that deep dish pizza, yall missin out

  12. Kyle Lake

    You all are idiots

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