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  1. "For the Horde"??????


  2. It's nice to see that you are going to start playing fortnite full time.
  3. can I say the n word?

  4. When you make your profile picture a medic holding a gun, and bunch of medics get blacklisted after checking logs including yourself.

  5. @destruct Is a pretty cool guy actually. although he can be annoying at times

    1. Vigi easy money
    2. ikiled


      Lmfao I actually laughed at this. Usually ur memes r ass but this one was rlly good

  7. @HuntK_

    Tune in he is not playing Olympus, Because he is banned but still come watch.

    1. Strae


      what did my man huntk get banned for

    2. HuntK_


      i shit on them too hard its cool ill be back 3 days <3

    3. JESSE JEW
  8. There is more to life than shadow play. You can always live stream your clips to youtube with obs or something and then it's already uploaded and you dont have to save shit to your computer
  9. Plays.tv is aids please upload to youtube and I will love you long time
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