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  1. Olympus ousts its only  populist mod. Only Headless remains. 2020 truly is cruel. yes-men staff  and SAPD continue to ban useless vehicles and make pointless changes.

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    2. ooooooooo


      @Mustache You’re stuck between a rock and a hard penis

    3. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      You would think after 7 years there couldn’t possibly be that many rule changes

    4. Noodles:D


      I also got railed by a large gentlemen after I quit the server. Best day ever!

  2. Maybe not a buffer rank, but I would like to see some sort of reward to very tenured PO's in the form of possibly a promet and tear gas. Something that's given to PO's with like 300 hours or more who might not yet fit corporal, but deserve something for commitment.
  3. Corp slots are somewhat limited, you can't just give everyone corp. The bigger issue is that the only actual progression to PO is to get corporal.
  4. Not much you can do to fairly buff PO's other than them getting better at the game. Maybe a prowler or quilin, or 3GL stones (completely and utterly aids idea). You could add more progression to PO, adding promets or other utilities for very tenured PO's, but generally if you're an 800 hour PO, there's a good reason you're not corporal. Overall the primary issues with the APD seems to be civ's having problems with the SAPD zerg rushes and what feels like rule bending in cloudy situations, and lack of connection between SAPD and JAPD. To me these are issues that stem from the culture of the APD just breaking down. No amount of game balancing is going to fix an APD that simply doesn't care for gameplay that makes the server enjoyable for everyone. The structure of the APD seems to place a lot of power into an SAPD that is assumed to be able to make sacrifices in favor of better gameplay, even for civilians, and I don't see that happening anymore. The issue is that there's nothing inherently wrong with the actions the SAPD, they don't break rules, toxicity isn't against the rules, theres nothing that requires them to make sure things also benefit civilians, and changes aren't made just to make life worse for civs. However, the actions of the SAPD often only benefit them, even if minor, and this rubs of negatively to the enjoyability of gameplay and the community, and the inherent power structure of the APD puts a lot of faith into the assumed willingness to encourage changes into the hands of the SAPD. Sometimes change should happen, even if there's nothing explicitly saying it has to happen.
  5. AMD is bang for buck, intel still has the best top of the line processors though. Pick your poison, the tech market did something good for once.
  6. Why would they have this added? idk its civ council, if this becomes something that makes cracking down on runs way easier they're gonna mald and blame it on y'all
  7. Not sure how I feel about the drug trafficking PC for seizure of money. It may be niche, but this has the ability to make it much more difficult for people that do runs to get their money stored, especially in Kavala and Sofia. Time will tell, but I think it would be wise if it becomes something that civs take up a big issue with that SAPD be flexible with changing its function or existence.
  8. Yeah you're right, but in my opinion 250k is a little cheap for the most toxic item other than suicide vests hahaa, guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  9. 250K OMEGALUL, should be 500-750k. 250k is chump change for the toxics on this server. Plus people who will be willing to rdm and lethal inject and take the 3 day.
  10. Not available to APD, only civs (thank fucking god)
  11. Lethal Injector item. Use on a dead body to force a respawn and delete their gear Drug dealer interrogation. APD can scrollwheel a drug dealer and retrieve a list of people who recently sold drugs Automatically adds the "drug trafficking" charge ($15k, gives PC) to recent sellers Will lethal injector be available APD in any form? Hopefully not. Will the drug dealer interrogation be server wide or specific to who sold at that drug dealer?
  12. Outplayed

    1. KeithR


      That’s because Aaron Rodgers is a goat 🧀

    2. Praetorian


      Rogers is def one of the most talented qb's of all time even if not the most winning.

  13. This thread is kind of pointless, the rules and understanding of PC for house and shed raids has always been crystal clear EXCEPT for the incident with 88 | Big John. Arguing over whether footsteps is PC or sAPD camping houses is going to become a thing is brain dead because the rules on these things isn't effected what-so-ever by recent events, and they won't change, just like they haven't in the past several years. Camping houses is aids to do and rarely worth it because unless they're store houses for runs sAPD doesn't really know or care whats in them. No one cares about your kav square house with 3 lockpicks in it. Spawning inside your house un-wanted or unknown to sAPD won't get it raided, shooting out of it or hiding from sAPD while being pursued or wanted will. Simple as that. If you're spawning inside your gear house while wanted and with sAPD on, it's funny if it gets raided at that point.
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