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  1. -|R|- Captain

    STFU by pink guy
  2. -|R|- Captain

    nah you just slow
  3. -|R|- Captain

    Did I stutter?
  4. -|R|- Captain

    I shall payith you one genuine Peruvian sheckle for your great land boat producing outpost. Take it or leave peasant, this deal will not come around again for a mere mortal such as yourself.
  5. -|R|- Captain

    Wasent a huge fan but after your improvements I think it's awesome. Would be my go to uniform apart from seasonal stuff.
  6. -|R|- Captain

    I'm not a big fan of this one. I feel like we already have enough plain looking tactical gear type clothing. I've only been wearing spooky and Christmas suits every since combat fatigues were replaced so I'd say I like funny looking uniforms rather than tactical gear.
  7. -|R|- Captain

    Requires a hacking terminal
  8. -|R|- Captain

    Just explain your charges and ask for a pardon ticket. Should be fine
  9. -|R|- Captain

  10. -|R|- Captain

    What he do?
  11. -|R|- Captain

    Post offers below DP 25 two story 2400 space https://gyazo.com/0203ec6c37d60041bd9f099ef69d4863 https://gyazo.com/d87f95bdb69c2af0140c999519434dfd
  12. -|R|- Captain

    Unsure, it seems hes not willing to do it unless we record it for others to watch. So as long as you down with making a porno, I think we can get our head.
  13. -|R|- Captain

    I was looking to buy some head. Disappointed to say the least
  14. I feel like you don't need to include the mags Goodluck hopefully I sell mine before you
  15. -|R|- Captain

    This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals.

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