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  1. whos in charge for putting stream names in the stream list? i asked back in dec but havent heard anythin


    1. Ignis


      Submit a general inquiry with your stream link :)http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/

    2. Muthinator
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/papamunski
  3. looks like a few people are using aimbots..to die from one shot to the lower leg from a few hundred meters away when your fully kitted seems pretty suss...just sayin

    1. SheriffJohnBeard


      if you shoot someone in the achilles' heel with an MK18, they will die  

    2. Fuzy


      What do aimbots have to do with people being shot in the lower leg? Don't aimbots aim at the head?

    3. Danger


      If you think people are cheating please submit a ticket with any proof that you may have. This is not the place for it.


  4. A 3rd server like it was back in the day sounds pretty good

  5. That was very supportive from the support team...lmao
  6. it spawned me outside past the bridge. so i wasn't even on the island
  7. you dick lol
  8. just seems a bit unfair since i have no choice when my time is up and it spawns me there, i wouldve stayed in jail and hid in the corner until it was all over lol.
  9. that was very informative lol
  10. Ok so i havent been on this server in months and obviously there would be plenty of rule changes since then, i logged in and well i was in jail, patiently waited my time out and was released right when a jailbreak was happening..my question is whats the ruling when you are released and standing at the spawn point and your killed?
  11. haha yeah mate, havent done any gaming for months! Gettin out and seeing more of my beautiful country before winter comes back!
  12. you were always my favourite taxi fare mate!
  13. awww boo hoo its snowing...beats 113 in the shade you soft cunts lol
  14. Naughty Papamunski, Naughty!