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  1. Piotrus

    You better comp the helicopter owner. Comp or ban.
  2. How many properties/houses can you own in the game?
  3. Piotrus

    Last time I came over to his house to help end his addiction he started raging and screaming, telling me to kill myself and that I'm a fucking retarded. I think the next time I attempt to shut off his PC it will be lethal.
  4. I have a friend that is very addicted to this server, he usually plays 6-12 hours of olympus everyday (monday to sunday) constantly. Rarely taking a break, if ever. What can I do to help him?
  5. Piotrus

    Sure will boss, brb let me send you my resume while I'm at it.
  6. Piotrus

    Can I be your intern?
  7. Piotrus

    What new features are you planning on adding?
  8. Is there a reason for this rule.
  9. Piotrus

    Everybody knows this because every retard spreads this false information. It's like fake news, if you push it, the majority will believe it. Take a look at CNN and MSBN, people believe in that crap. That proves nothing, you're literally showing percentage. GPU have more power in total. Now you're going to tell me 10% of 100 is more then 1% of 1000000000. Is that your argument: "He's a moron, ignore...". Why don't you provide some evidence and some reason before you just make yourself sound like a autistic retard. Yea it's CPU intesive, but the GPU is WAY WAY WAY more important. You guys are making it out like the CPU is more important then the GPU. Pussies rekted with LOGIC and REASON. Who's next.
  10. Piotrus

    Yes, have you?
  11. Piotrus

    All games that use DirectX or OpenGL are more GPU intensive and the CPU is not as important compared to the GPU. That's a known fact. Where is your proof that that's not the case with Arma 3?
  12. Piotrus

    No it's not, where's your proof. Or are you just gullible and suck in the misinformation that everyone spreads?
  13. CPU is very important, but the GPU is WAY WAY WAY more important compared to it. I rather have a good GPU than CPU for this game. Why are you spreading misinformation that the CPU is more important?
  14. What are the chances if I started a loaning service that I would get scammed, I would only loan to known players and gangs and not just everybody who asks. The more known/legit you are, the higher amount you can get loaned.

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