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  1. Hbd @WALT

    1. WALT


      Thanks brother, love my boy lucien

  2. Mitch's admins aren't better (except for the pocket admin homies). One of my boys got banned for crashing a plane into a building without anyone even dying or losing anything #sad
  3. The premise of cops defend and civs attack sucks on asylum for their Evidence and would be weird here with wave rules.
  4. I got all my medic talents on asylum because clint beastwood kept wiping my gang with a pawnee ez money tbh
  5. make sure you dont have any external macros bound to it - once i had an ahk spam-in script running that took precedence over sending the input to the game
  6. check your settings to see if it is bound
  7. idk about his views but Howie Hawkins only had like 10 people watching his election night livestream and i just felt bad for the guy
  8. Are you sure? I always assumed carrier gl rigs were level 4 according to the wiki https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/Carrier_GL_Rig_(NATO) but it could be wrong as arma is an absolutely braindead game when it comes to how armor and damage ends up getting calculated
  9. Lucien

    Need help

    Windows movie maker
  10. hbd mr. @Jig i hope u have good luck at the casino on your birthday!!!!

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