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  1. happy birthday sweety, hope your not spending it playing arma. @LoGr

    1. LoGr


      I deadass miss you, much love vro :wub:

  2. Elements

    yea so how long till my unban... because @Azeh is kinda showing proof to what I am saying. @Grandma Gary
  3. Elements

    I have tried to get unbanned dood. They say they don't unban scripters than my scripting ban gets told to me as being false. Then I get told I am banned because of asylum, so I showed people that have never got punished for being banned on asylum and play olympus. And they unbanned someone banned on multiple accounts on asylum(for the same reason). Yet me doing nothing bad enough to get permed on the server for 3 years still doesn't get them to even think about unbanning me. Just leave it as it is, they don't want me unbanned.
  4. Elements

    I'll just leave this argument at that
  5. Elements

    they ddosed... I got banned from Asylum.
  6. Elements

  7. Elements

    pls add this
  8. Elements

    walk in the bathroom and smell blueberries, "it must be the air freshener."
    1. Kamikaze


      just quit already 

    2. Elements


      already did, after I noticed that they are just gonna kill the server because they don't give a shit

  9. Happy Birthday

    1. Ignis


      Thanks man!

  10. Elements

    stay safe my mans o7
  11. Elements

    Thanks for running an APD that let me as a deputy 3 times. o7
  12. Happy Birthday @Ares I think its time to retire

  13. k well goodbye people. Got banned for doing nothing(under [email protected]) and they say im banned cause of asylum ban yet 90% of people permed on asylum are not banned on olympus.

    1. Tb:)
    2. Redmer


      well if you wanted to get unbanned maybe you shouldnt have ban evaded mong

    3. Snare


      Lol. Kid never cheated. Unban him.


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