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  1. InTenT

    #Pay The Dev's 2019?
  2. InTenT

    @Viper have @Xeltini to allow epi when he gets knocked out, so I can watch round two! This is the whitest shit I've ever seen...
  3. InTenT

    Tree doing meth....Huhhhhhhhh
  4. InTenT

    Let's just remove all factions and make cartel fighting a passenger seating frenzy.
  5. InTenT

    If this isn't Olympus cartel fighters, then idk what is...
  6. InTenT

    Uhhh gimme gimme
  7. InTenT

  8. InTenT


    o7 brother
  9. InTenT

    Uh |REAL| hello
  10. InTenT

    100% +1 AMEN
  11. InTenT

    Ghosthawks should only be pulled for federal events, not on me and my poor little hummingbird, after yoinking a po to rob his gear. +1
  12. InTenT

    +1 Remove the rain, but keep some night time
  13. Say it louder for the people in the back

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