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  1. Gravity

    you telling @Nightingale you killed his family everytime u come home from the army lmao
  2. Gravity

    what u got left?
  3. Gravity

    buying whatever warpoints ur gonna sell this guyfor more than he'll pay (not trolling)
  4. Gravity

    3 mil
  5. Gravity

    old man
  6. Gravity

    @Hylos you a bitch if u dont clap back
  7. Gravity

    3 mil
  8. yo someone give this man @Hadi Mokdad admin already. fastest fucking mod ever

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    2. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      Thank you :wub:


      @Ryan Sit you jew

    3. Danger


      Haha, yeah hes a boss

    4. Fake and Gay Grandma

      Fake and Gay Grandma

      @Hadi Mokdad suprised you move so fast with the afiun in lebanon

  9. Gravity

    what are u selling
  10. Gravity

    his point is exactly what he said its terrible
  11. Gravity

    pm me ill do a fed with u
  12. doesnt have anything to say back to the argument so results to meaningless insults "TaKe ThIs OuT oF yOuR dEsC" cringey ass kid and what are the guidelines to having an opinion that matters im curious @Proud
  13. the amount of cocks in ur mouth rn is unbelievable @Bojo isnt my favorite person but his shit talk points out flaws your just a dumbass little kid
  14. Happy birthday to the only real motherfucker on cap @King K. Rool


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