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  1. Highest offer rn is 4 mil
  2. Me and @Kyle. Enterprises will pay top dollar, far above what the above scrubs even have. That's the Tree guarantee.
  3. @Colt ok ok you get today off but your mowin them damn lawns tomorrow and this fuck @Cats litterbox is full so get that too. But today enjoy your birthday inactive whore

  4. Gravity

    WTB Warpoints

    LMAO YOU'RE RETARDED did me offering people more money for the items you want really hurt you that bad? and im not permd this is just an alt you retard hahaha, and u havnt dropped me at all cuz i havnt played this acc in a good 2 months
  5. Gravity

    WTB Warpoints

    first of hes salty cuz im tryna steal his deals youre a nobody? who is a somebody? what are the qualifications? your a fucking bum dude get a life lmao
  6. you are very fucking stupid
  7. ill buy it for 3
  8. @Kyle. will pay more for the warpoints than this guy can
  9. Gravity

    WTB Warpoints

    suck a nut retard
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/id/silvergorilla25/
  11. Gravity


    you telling @Nightingale you killed his family everytime u come home from the army lmao
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