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  1. MrRylex

    What I would recommend is do a Meth or Moonshine run (Meth is better) with a Blackfish and Hemmt transport. with the right math and storing of each ingredient you'll make hella money. Just get yourself a good pilot. @Trump24 Is a good and trusted one.
  2. FUCKING VIGIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. MrRylex

    Fuck those ENVG, not even good for Cartels.
  4. MrRylex

    SUV Frogs runs = 500k minimum
  5. MrRylex

    Pop coke, smell my own shit. Wipe my ass from sitting all day, and pick my nose while I play.
  6. MrRylex

    There's people who are used to being inside all day.
  7. MrRylex

    Your giving all that up for a fucking Armed Qillin?! xD
  8. MrRylex

    Of course you be the one to put a shitty song..
  9. MrRylex

    Wow. Knew I should've researched more on which was better. xD
  10. MrRylex

    It's a really good CPU, and if you can push $40 more to get the i7-7700k it'll be even better. Also you should overclock you CPU when you get it.
  11. MrRylex

    No more Feds?! o7
  12. MrRylex

    Why was mk18 removed?!

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