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  1. MrRylex

    Pop coke, smell my own shit. Wipe my ass from sitting all day, and pick my nose while I play.
  2. MrRylex

    There's people who are used to being inside all day.
  3. MrRylex

    Your giving all that up for a fucking Armed Qillin?! xD
  4. MrRylex

  5. MrRylex

    Of course you be the one to put a shitty song..
  6. MrRylex

    Wow. Knew I should've researched more on which was better. xD
  7. MrRylex

    It's a really good CPU, and if you can push $40 more to get the i7-7700k it'll be even better. Also you should overclock you CPU when you get it.
  8. MrRylex

    No more Feds?! o7
  9. MrRylex

    Why was mk18 removed?!
  10. MrRylex

    I have a great setup. Just shitty monitor, and no desk! I have it on my dresser to be honest
  11. MrRylex

    Ruby strat. That's all
  12. MrRylex

    I cant afford theis games. Wait a minute... Let me get my Grandpas credit card brb
  13. MrRylex

    Im go to the Army, maybe SF Medic Sgt (18D)
  14. MrRylex

    Not sure yet. Stilll seeing the options.
  15. MrRylex

    Going to very soon

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