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  1. Eta on better server DDos protection?

    1. Silton


      Easier said then done dickhead

    2. Courean
  2. For the love of god please rollback the server

  3. Rip the economy... already won 30 mil in 30 seconds

  4. Cooper will be missed 😞

    1. Noahhh!


      You have been blacklisted from the civ council idea forms.

      Thank you for submitting the proper evidence in this matter.


  5. They really gonna throw me in jail and take $750 of my money for not wearing a mask...

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. swervy


      @JuanDeaged when did anyone mention lungs? i swear all yall just using this covid shit as your excuse for never leaving your houses. imagine being this scared of a virus less harmful than the flu. 

    3. JuanDeaged


      @swervy I’ve been out of my house all day and remember I tested positive for COVID and all I felt was light headed and shortness of breath. Not scared I just wear a mask to be respectful to those who are more susceptible to disease than I am. Plus there’s a $4000 fine for not wearing one in NY so I’m not trying to pay

    4. ooooooooo



      When those pesky politicians try to enforce "health standards"

  6. Yes... they where friends. I didn’t know that if your friend was a criminal without you knowing then it makes you one as well And if all of you guys don’t like our country or government then there are plenty of other country’s that you can go to
  7. Can I play on a vpn?

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    2. Venoooom
    3. Cuba


      @gze, @ben shapiro and @monster 

    4. CoIe


      @gze 😳

  8. What does the tempest army texture look like?
  9. Yay we hit the dono goal!

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    2. Rossco





      Y-Yes p-please

    3. Revise


      Well I can’t change it for 28 days so you’re fucked

    4. Ryan


      @Revise Already changed yours, but I like Rosscos new name better 😄 

  10. If you voted yes then that means that jerking is also gay... so you are gay @Rossco
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