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  1. Soulz

    Already posted more than our previous owner
  2. Eta on server upping

  3. Damn just donate 750 like that

    1. G F

      G F

      @KeithR wanna buy me a new pc? :4head:

    2. d a e q u a n

      d a e q u a n

      @KeithR buy me rainbow 6 siege for my late birthday present, july 6th in my heart : )

  4. Soulz

    From my view... I did 4 banks and won 2 of them so pretty even so far.
  5. Soulz

    other house and garage was sold to market
  6. Soulz

    bump now selling gunstore house
  7. eta on update!!!!!!!!

  8. Soulz

    Gun store house for sale... pm me
  9. “Workers” implies that they get paid... they are volunteers and they will get to it when they have time
  10. Happy birthday you shitter @Tb:)

  11. Tomorrow is July 8 can’t wait for the server update

    1. 1-800TryHards


      we all cant wait :))))

    2. SecTranLive


      Still 7 units away


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