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  1. @Strae felicidades tiburón pog!

  2. What @Bloodmoon said and might I add that during the pharma while you were ranting about how sapd doesnt play with jrapd that all they do is sit in interrogation rooms I was in your channel pushing pharma with you on a alt teamspeak...so TDLR You are big dumb.
  3. Congrats @Cale and @Jig Best squeakers!

  4. 45835e6a852997069efc61fcca5c8aa9.png

    @Zahzi you finally did it!

    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      He shut the TS server down instead of the Arma server.

      Still in training l0l

  5. Happy Birthday @Jig May you have good luck on your betting today!

    1. Jig


      i dont have money i need a birthday donation. plzzzzzzz

  6. @raykazi i was so confused on why i got ejected LMAO
  7. @raykazi o7 another minority down 😞  

  8. Happy Birthday! @rabid 

  9. we need more latinos for apd gj compa


    1. CocoisDead


      Thank you 😁

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