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    Eta on da bob? server skins been zzz ever since this drop....

  2. @ Xlax Congrats on COM 😈💦

    Worked hard for it🤤

    19dbcf6396124fcde10b08a0940d3500.jpg@Senior APD Member 

    1. Xlax


      yeah hehe "worked" hard for it 😉

    2. Venomm
    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Worked his way through several pairs of knee pads you mean. ^_^


  3. Cops don't have to value there own lives. Any other question?
  4. @ Hurricane going to get a admin badge and put it on his custom Walmart vest 

  5. If a retard like @ Big John1 could get civ council I don't see why anyone couldn't get a shot at it.
  6. After recent events I decided to step away from APD to avoid further scandals. o7



    Thanks @ Strae :)  😞 

    1. ClashBy


      No socks.....

    2. Lucien


      Simpin ain't easy

    3. Cale


      Avoiding arma 3 scandals nooooo

  7. Please explain how we suppose to get pc when you are in 1 house exploiting into another? There is no way to get pc hence the rule.
  8. In other news APD GETS BIGGEST BUST IN ALTIS HISTORY! Only on channel 12 tonight! Live interview with @ Tyronee Special Guest @ Big John1
  9. Selling laptop, a couple other expensive electronics including a camera/external lenses, a couple pair of shoes and clothes. 🚙🔫🥶😈

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ClashBy


      you got any dirty socks that you havnt washed yet

    3. Michael Literature

      Michael Literature

      Some of you people are dumb.

      @ CocoisDead i wonder how you attained these items and who from? 🤔🤔🤔

    4. Monks


      Man that's some nice stuff 😔

  10. Hey  @1thedocFINALLY GOT MOD LETS GO!

    1. CocoisDead


      Wrong doc opps fucking loser still doesnt got it.

    2. 1thedoc


      thanks man 🙂

  11. Congrats @Mike Lit@Cyanide and I guess @Kingtoo

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