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  1. Congrats @Super_Nova Pablo Escobar would be proud and @Winters the queen would be proud

  2. CocoisDead

    @Jester im about to get my ST tags back >:D
  3. Welcome to the squad of retards @Brolaf

  4. CocoisDead

    stole what i was gonna say
  5. CocoisDead

  6. @Bojo you is retard ok

    1. Bojo


      no u is retard ok

    2. Montez


      woah, this is toxic. 

    3. CocoisDead
  7. @Justi you really not gonna @someone :(

  8. whoever removed my status update come out now >:( 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. tacosmell


      Im just here tbh

    3. CocoisDead


      Bruh bloodmoon im gonna need you remove that you cant name animals after stuff you like.... I just like whales and metal(the heavy shit) :( Rip my pet whale metal 2019-2019 died of a heart attack he was a bit overweight(staff killed him)

    4. zoomzooooooom


      sjw internet janitors 

  9. CocoisDead

    1mil for frog
  10. @Hylosi always knew you could do it ;) Congrats!

  11. @Hadi Mokdad Secretly a terrorist 

    1. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      How can you expose me like that ??? 


      Oh wait..


  12. CocoisDead

    Now that’s a GRUG moment @Dolphy
  13. CocoisDead

    Our weed run was better @Bojo
  14. CocoisDead

    I will see myself out

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