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  1. Browny

    nobody fights on S1 useless
  2. Browny

    erm no the prowler is faster than quilin lol
  3. Browny

    make the quillin have no doors
  4. Browny

  5. Browny

    Better be some sexy hunter skins getting made!!!!
  6. Browny

    then we want them back
  7. Browny

    Who will I stream snipe now
  8. Browny

    I want to know what all the titles are, you cant see them in game eg, [blooded] if you die once or [cop killer] if you kill 100 cops examples
  9. Browny

    Does anybody know where I can see all the titles in game so I can work towards them I don't want to spend time on title I won't even use like is there a screenshot or a list ??? ty
  10. if you ever, ever remove the bape wetsuit ima rdm you in game!!! 

  11. hows the neck big man!!

  12. Browny

    ye man blackwater are going to slap serenity 2-0 so recruit new players?

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