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  1. rapidaax

    o7 all good things come to an end and nows the time for you to go and enjoy life. Something that is difficult for a lot of people that play Arma lol. Anyway luv you Austin and better keep up on snap.
  2. uNwAnTeD ToXiCiTy

  3. Happy birthday to Ryan #1 @TheCmdrRex and Ryan #3 @Ryan


    1. Ryan


      Thanks qt :wub:

  4. rapidaax

    I like this for when I’m playing cop, I don’t like this when I’m playing civ
  5. finally something i can get behind @ChrisGG its been a long time coming

  6. wow surprise surprise everyone @Ron made designer

  7. o7 to a true lad @Outcast really enjoyed working with you and you were a great designer and dep chief.


    Your time has arrived @ChrisGG

  8. rapidaax

    Imagine getting 2 more towers added to the blackwater - your welcome and then complaining that the APD gets a buff because it's hard to counter. The BW was already eh for APD a buff like this was expected.
  9. rapidaax

    Sucks then don’t apply kid. If you want to be staff on olympus you can’t be staff on other servers. You want real life money? Go design for the 0 pop servers.
  10. Happy birthday to my ewhore student @Airborne

  11. Yo hello? I wanted to inform you that you're a dumb fucking retard and even though I've been trying to stay off this post I can't because I see braindead kids like you acting like you know what's good for the server. Fuck out of here kiddo.
  12. rapidaax

    o7 brother

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