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  1. Psssssst don’t miss out on the 1mil giveaway in the Olympus Discord! https://discord.gg/khN7Sc4

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    2. Ryan


      9 minutes ago, drama said:

      Only 185 internet clout points LMAO DONT QUOTE ME PEASANT 

      The kids irrelevant let him think he got clout :D

      43 minutes ago, drama said:

      Who tf is this guy he never posted until he got admin

      Also hard facts

    3. D P

      D P

      1 hour ago, drama said:

      Only 185 internet clout points LMAO DONT QUOTE ME PEASANT 

      Can I quote the Civ Admin?

    4. drama


      @D P I’ll allow it

  2. rapidaax

    o7 homie
  3. happy birthday @Eggman big gay

    1. Eggman


      Thanks bigger gay

  4. If anyone has one of these AMD cards HMU in pms

    AMD Radeon RX Vega
    AMD Radeon RX 590
    AMD Radeon VII
  5. rapidaax

    Post of the day right here
  6. rapidaax

    In advanced flight model which is currently disabled on Olympus.
  7. rapidaax

    Only people I kill are medics at kavala rebel
  8. rapidaax

    Good thing they won't be reverted and also buying and selling money is against Bohemia's Arma 3 Server Monetization policy. If you think you're in the right do it again and I'll restrict you again. Thanks
  9. rapidaax

    You tried talking about money rates and honestly your ban should've been longer. Keep crying and have a good night. Also why did it take you 8 days to come up with a response???? LOL
  10. rapidaax


    Later kid
  11. Happy birthday sir @Fushigi

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    2. Airborne


      fuck fushigi

    3. rapidaax


      5 hours ago, Airborne said:

      fuck fushigi

       not even gonna @ the mans

    4. Airborne

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