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  1. you think you're a pillar of this arma community by streaming but in reality you're just a useless denthead motherfucker hang 10 retard
  2. Happy birthday fellow cashcropian @Viper


    1. Viper


      If there's money in it, ill be there haha thank you for being a fellow partner ❤️ 

  3. hbd king @Xeltini

    1. Xeltini


      Thank you Mr. Rapidaax

  4. Happy birthday king @buckie

    1. buckie


      Thank you good man

  5. Happy birthday @ikiled

    Jay Janner on Twitter: "Firefighter Anthony Segovia watches USA vs ...

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    2. Noahhh!


      @rapidaax Yikes. This person is some kind of trap or trans, that's why.

      He has that staff position because of it. It's part of the that gender/fury awareness shit guaranteed.

      It's probably a huge plus to have the power to instant ban anyone who joins and says something negative in that Twitch chat. lol

    3. yung matt

      yung matt

      What the fuck did I just see

    4. Skateezy


      meth teeth meth teeth meth teeth

  6. Congrats brothers @Hylos @Kamikaze

  7. I don't even need to watch or read this to comprehend that you are retarded.
  8. what a banger boys

    1. ikiled


      shit goes hard

  9. 0-0 <> GrandWizard Rupert <> 0-0 Congratulates you @Mr GOAT @ThatNerdyGuy


  10. 0-0 <> GrandWizard Rupert <> 0-0

  11. @rabid congrats faggot


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