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  1. Profile song is fucking lit, see you at defqon hoe

  2. I'm 16, we do it differently in Scotland, im 5th year which is 10th Grade (Sophomore) i think? might be 11th grade
  3. Higher Mechanical & Electrical Engineering! Crashing a higher in 1/3 the time you a meant to study at this level, IF you do this kind of work OR studied it.. I love for you to help me with it. Man needs an A band one for Uni [A at ^88%] Here are some Past Papers for reference as to what I'm looking for help in, mainly Nodal Analyse questions and Sum of Motion questions. SOME questions are mad easy, others are legit rocket science. http://www.sqa.org.uk/pastpapers/papers/papers/2016/NH_Engineering-Science_QP_2017.pdf http://www.sqa.org.uk/pastpapers/papers/papers/2016/NH_Engineering-Science_QP_2016.pdf http://www.sqa.org.uk/pastpapers/papers/papers/2015/NH_Engineering-Science_QP_2015.pdf If you did this at Uni level it would be even better, much appreciated. - Fury
  4. Fury


    yep, got about 20 players banned on another community. All in the one go. Fucking RAT
  5. Fury


    Fuck off cunt
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