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  1. Edweirdo

    No you got permed lol. He put ip grabbers in Oly teamspeak and our gang's teamspeak. Idk if he hit anyone off on Olympus but as soon as one of our members did he started to hit them off and laugh about it.
  2. I'm quitting Olympus. It's been fun boys. 07 

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    2. Yohash


      BYEEEEE :(:(:(

    3. Page
    4. Gravity


      dont ever come back this place smells like shit

  3. @Noodles:D Finally. Nicely done man.

    @Cyanide I think I've talked to you once.

  4. Edweirdo

    When am I getting my mario ifrit from donating to that streamer?
  5. Free @DeadPool

    1. MrRylexx


      what happened?! lol what i miss

  6. @Xlax

    Happy Birthday chief 

    1. Xlax


      ayee thank u 

  7. Edweirdo

    Bring back Altis News!
  8. Edweirdo

    What about making the jail time shorter after being arrested by a vigi? That seems reasonable, it'll make being arrested by one not as bad. Or as a whole just make more contraband drop when you pick it no matter who you were arrested by..
  9. Bring back downvoting. 

  10. I need some good movies to watch, if you guys have anything lmk

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    2. Temple


      trash humpers 1+2

    3. Dank MeeMoo

      Dank MeeMoo

      Into the badlands on Netflix surprisingly good if you like fighting

    4. p a t

      p a t


      1 hour ago, Gf. said:

      scooby doo 1 + 2


  11. Am I the only one that constantly loses connection on server 3?

  12. @Montez Congratulations on continuing to live for another year

    1. Montez


      another year on this Great server :Kappa:

  13. Edweirdo

    If u need a middleman hmu
  14. Edweirdo


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