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  1. Even though he is severely disliked, we can't remove him based solely on that fact. And him saying "Partner" like that is an RP character of his. That's what he has told me Getting arrested for one assault sucks, but bottom line is he really can't be removed unless he starts to break rules.
  2. Edweirdo

    That is still less than the initiation time. People would abuse the shit out of this man. Just buy a hatchback or a heli.
  3. Edweirdo

    No. But a cookie can be a pizza.
  4. Edweirdo

    Not really the server for it man... As much of a cool idea it is, it wouldn't work. People wouldn't apply.
  5. Edweirdo

    Apologies Cornmander
  6. Edweirdo

    @TheCmdrRex Isn't new jAPD uniforms coming out? What's the status on that?
  7. Edweirdo

    Awful that we have to remember such a tragic event today. I wish nothing did happen, and September 11 would just be a normal day. Thank you all military and first responders for doing your job and keeping our country safe. And RIP to the people that perished on that day.
  8. Edweirdo

  9. Edweirdo

    Good job fellas. Good things being passed here.
  10. @D Ganja Matt The Savage and Nerdy both won

    1. Caleb Snackbar

      Caleb Snackbar

      Why make a 2nd status update, just comment on the last one 

    2. Instantmac


      Because this is America. 


    3. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      damn right i did


  11. Edweirdo

    Am I having a stroke
  12. Edweirdo

    Heya Shades! Thanks for introducing yourself.

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