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  1. Thanks junior your dad taught mme everything he knew till he got desync rammed by sterling marlin
  2. Would have done it sooner but I was on vacation
  3. https://imgur.com/a/TzFxt1a Today I have just made olympus history by achieving the first go-kart time under 15.6000 seconds. This was the perfect run and I will give a PDUB i used to rdm everyone in kavala to whoever beats me (without cheating or glitches, must have video proof). Get used to the number 15.591 because this will be the #1 go kart time for the rest of this servers life. Ive got the video proof thickmans ill send you it tomorrow dont want these scrubs seeing it tho. I want your money direct deposit into my accounts I want all you bitches who told thickmans he was hot shit to come and suck my toes now that im back on top. I repeat. If you commented on this post I want respect on my name or ill vdm you next time i see you. Im the best driver in hatch sport or kart on this server
  4. Silla is a massive group of simps. That is all.

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