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  1. Let me re-emphasize one part of my post that you may have missed: Stuttering when zooming in, at least for my computer is a massive frame drop. My frames have improved in that the worst my frames have been in Kavala are 30FPS, when in the past it would go down to 18.
  2. >It didn't work for me so it obviously doesn't work for the thousands of other people that play ARMA. I played for nearly 3 hours straight last night without crashing. Ever since June, my game has been crashing after 30-45 minutes of playing with either an out of memory error or a 'unable to init' error. I no longer have stuttering when zooming in. The biggest effect I noticed was that when I have task manager open, I actually see Arma using 7GB of RAM instead of 3GB. Just because it didn't do anything in your situation, doesn't mean that its bs
  3. That's exactly the point.
  4. Come on dude...
  5. Was pretty sweet, until I played for half an hour and maxxed out the memory I allocated to Arma way back when with the launch parameters. Hopefully the next time I play it'll be a lot better now that I turned off the command.
  6. Do yourselves a favor and make sure you remember to turn off/adjust the -maxmem command if you have that set in the launch parameters. I forgot about it and was wondering why Arma was only using 3GB of system memory and having epic render glitches after playing for half an hour.

    1. DeadPool1337


      So does this mean no more Lucki rage quits?

  7. Otherwise it looks pretty sweet. Why is the video tinted red though?
  8. I wanted to say that the banner was a little big... but others don't seem to mind.
  9. Any .338 suppressors floating around? My MAR-10 could be a little quieter...
  10. Cops stack the servers more now... At this point cops don't want to play if there are only 2 or 3 on the server. They know they'll get repeatedly raped. Its safest to travel in groups and thats why now if you see cops, there will be 20 on the server when in the past there would have only been 6 or 7. Hell, I'll get into a stacked channel just so I can hunt down vigis that are tazing cops. The sad part is that now instead of dealing with regular civilians, people that want to RP charges, and just patrolling the roads, we're ALWAYS preoccupied with having to recover a kidnapped cop. In the past, if there were 5 gangs on the server, each individual gang didn't have to worry about the cops ALL the time. Now cops have to worry about EVERY gang all the time. 1 Gang deciding to rob cops is much more of a nuisance than a bunch of cops spread out over the server trying to hunt down 5 different gangs.
  11. The reason people said you're on a high horse is because you refer to everyone as children. This is a COMMUNITY, not a day care center. We're not children, but rather a significant portion of a community, which is supported by donations. While donations don't mean you get to pick and choose what you want, its common sense that if the leadership does things that the community doesn't like, donations will drop. In the end, money talks. Some of us have been around for way longer than November 2016. Some of us have been with this server for 2 and a half years. We have every right to be frustrated when a server, that we've spent so much time on, all of a sudden has such a radical change that appeases many of those that just hop between servers, depending on how the wind blows. I have not been robbed on cop for over 2 years, because I play smart. I'm never in an area by myself, and the few times I have been outnumbered or tazed, I usually have back up that is several seconds away that comes in to save the day. The fact that I got robbed twice in 20 minutes just a few days ago is very telling. I pull out of Pyrgos HQ with another officer, instantly get engaged by campers, and I LITERALLY have no place to go because the roadway has walls on both sides and no cover. Get tazed, restrained, and robbed. A few minutes later, I go into Pyrgos to help out 4 other officers. Lo and behold, 11 god damn people of multiple gangs just running around and robbing cops. Best part is, they don't get charges unless APD outright adds the charge, because tazing someone doesn't add anything.
  12. We (almost) did it! 



    Kinda sad this is news worthy though.

    1. Lucki


      Almost... doesn't count.

  13. Well if you have no reason to call them a dumb cunt, why are you? If you're on the battlefield and in a fight and you shit talk, thats not the same as people being openly toxic to the work that a developer put in. The developer isn't trying to stroke his e-peen by coding for our server. He's not in it to compete for fame and fortune. You shouldn't treat them the same way that you treat people that you're fighting cartels with. That being said, there aren't many avenues for people to express their opinion in a non-toxic way. The forums, sure, but if you have 30 people posting the same general idea, even if its constructive, it can seem overwhelming and like an attack on a developer.