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  1. If you still have a gun or mags please dispose of them, any medics who still have guns or mags after 04/03/2020 will be dealt with. Changes Appear In Red/Green Chapter IV - Equipment 1. Items and Physical Equipment 1.1. Medics may only use items and equipment available for purchase at R&R facilities, general stores, and legal markets. 1.2. Under no circumstances should a medic pick up any items from the ground that are not theirs. Items include, but are not limited to, firearms, ammunition, currency, food, drinks, and briefcases. 2. Uniforms 2.1. Medics shall only wear the uniform that they are issued, which matches their assigned rank. 2.2. Basic Paramedics+ may purchase diving gear from the R&R clothing vendor. Dive equipment shall only be worn when responding to, or operating within the water and must be removed when the water activities are complete. 2.3. Medics shall only wear clothing items that are available at the medic clothing store. 3. Vehicles 3.1. Medics may only operate civilian and APD ground vehicles to the extent necessary to open roadways or clear spawn points. 3.2. Medics shall not operate R&R vehicles that they have not earned access to via promotions unless riding along with a ranking medic. - 3.2.1. Medic may operate other R&R ground vehicles they have not yet earned as long as the ranking medic is in the vehicle while it is being used. - 3.2.2. Flight Certified Medics may operate other R&R air vehicles they have not earned yet as long as the ranking medic is in the vehicle while it is being used. The ranking medic is not required to be in the Pilot or Co-Pilot seat. Exemption: The Coordinator Y-32 Xi’an will remain a Coordinator only vehicle. 3.3. Medics will not ride within any civilian or APD vehicle unless stranded, taken hostage, or actively assisting the APD. 3.4. Medics who lack a pilot certification, shall not act as pilot in command (PIC) of any R&R aircraft unless the PIC loses connection or dies. - 3.4.1. If the PIC loses connection, disconnects, or dies during flight, an uncertified medic may assume the controls and fly the helicopter directly to the nearest R&R facility. - 3.4.2: If no other flight certified medics are available in a timely manner (none online, hostages, involved with active scenarios, etc.), PICs may authorize a non-qualified medic to auto-hover and position the PIC to render medical services to floating or bugged player who is only visible to the PIC. 4. Medical Crates 4.1. Medics, at or above the rank of Search & Rescue, are authorized to purchase, transport, and deliver medical crates. 4.2. Medical Crates shall not be knowingly delivered to, or near, the following locations: 4.2.1. Altis Penitentiary Zone 4.2.2. Federal Reserve Zone 4.2.3. Blackwater Armory Zone 4.2.4. Bank 4.2.5. Conquest Event 4.2.6. Any illegal zone (defined in Chapter 3.2) that is being raided by the APD 4.3. Medical personnel shall not collaborate with civilians to purchase Medical Crates with the sole purpose of allowing civilians to take control of, or transport, the Medical Crate for themselves 4.4. Medical personnel may deliver medical crates solely upon the request of a civilian, group, or gang. A revive request located near a cartel cap point can be considered a valid request for a crate. The medic should be careful to choose a central location to deploy the crate in these cases. 4.5. Medical personnel is authorized to deliver medical crates to any active engagement within any location, except for those listed in Chapter 4 Section 4.6. Medics shall exercise common sense when purchasing, transporting, and delivering Medical Crates. 4.7. The pilot in command (PIC) shall be proficient at sling loading items before interacting with Medical Crates. 4.8. PIC's shall exercise extreme caution to ensure that the Medical Crate does not strike any person, or property, at any time. 4.9. PIC's who inadvertently or intentionally cause damage, destruction, injury, or death during the deployment of a Medical Crate are subject to administrative/disciplinary action. 5-11. Personal Equipment 5. Fire Axes only to be used to render requested medical service, to facilitate the rescue of trapped individuals, or to depart from a locked house that you may be held against your will in. 5.1 Medics that are utilizing their Fire Axe to render requested medical services must announce themselves. 6. Medical Personnel is not authorized to give away the following equipment or items: uniforms, rebreathers, goggles, hats, helmets, eye-ware, medical kits, smoke grenades, chem lights, vehicles, road kits, or sling hooks. 6.1. Medics may provide a civilian an epi-pen to facilitate a revive if an individual cannot afford to request or is "bugged". 7. Medics are not permitted to use squad URLs while on-duty. 8. Equipment, such as smoke grenades and chem lights, are not to be spammed and should only be utilized when needed. 9. Medics are to value their equipment and take the appropriate actions to ensure that R&R property is not intentionally damaged, destroyed, abandoned, or misplaced. 9.1: Exception: Medics may take acceptable risks with their airborne equipment in order to facilitate a revive if it is the last possible option. (See Chapter 4, Section 3.4.2) 10. Medic Minimum Equipment Listing (MEL) lists what minimum equipment a medic must have on their person at all times. Medics will consistently replenish their equipment as often as required. 10.1. 10 food and 10 water to sustain health and be available to give to civilians/APD during emergency situations 10.2. 10 lollipops to provide to civilians, no more than one per patient. 10.3. 1 fuel container with fuel 10.4. 1 Tow Sling if certified to fly 10.5. 2 epi-pens to provide if a deceased player is glitched or lacks the funds to request a medic 10.6. 5 yellow smoke grenades 10.7. 5 yellow chem lights 10.8. 1 Toolkit 10.9. 1 Medkit 5-12. Personal Defense Equipment (PDE) 1. Medical personnel (walking defibrillators) may purchase the P07 9mm from the Rescue Item Shop for self defense purposes in the Kavala Roleplay Zone 1.1. Medical defense tasers may only be utilized in the Kavala Roleplay Zone and after being threatened or taking direct fire from a civilian 1.1.1. Medical defense equipment may be utilized against the APD in the Kavala Roleplay Zone for any reason
  2. Just a quick heads up, the Orca has been returned to Search & Rescue only. As of right now the Orca can be bought by Advanced Paramedics. Please do not use the Orca unless you are whitelisted as S&R. Changes Appear In Red/Green Chapter XI - Rank Advancement 3. Rank Perks 3.1. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 3.1.1. SUV/Van 3.1.2. Paycheck = Base Pay + $300 every 5 minutes. 3.1.3. EMT uniform (Blue) 3.2. Basic Paramedic 3.2.1. Off-Road/Boat/Qilin/Hatchback/Quadbike 3.2.2. Paycheck = Base Pay + $600 every 5 minutes. 3.2.3. Paramedic Uniform (Red) and Dive Equipment 3.3. Advanced Paramedic 3.3.1. M900/Hummingbird/Orca HEMTT Flat Bed 3.3.2. Paycheck= Base Pay + $900 every 5 minutes. 3.3.3. Paramedic Pilot Coveralls (Yellow) and pilot helmet 3.4. Search & Rescue 3.4.1. Mohawk Taru/Orca/Strider 3.4.2. Paycheck = Base Pay + $1,200 every 5 minutes. 3.4.3. Search & Rescue Coveralls (Orange) and pilot helmet 3.5. Supervisor 3.4.1. Ghosthawk/Hunter 3.4.2. Paycheck = Base Pay + $1,500 every 5 minutes. 3.4.3. Supervisor coveralls (Green) and pilot helmet 3.6. Coordinator 3.5.1. Y-32 Xian/Hellcat 3.5.2. Paycheck = Base Pay + $1,800 every 5 minutes. 3.5.3. Coordinator coveralls (Black) and pilot helmet 3.7. Director 3.7.1. Hellcat 3.7.2 Paycheck = Base Pay + $1,800 every 5 minutes. 3.7.3 Director coveralls (Black) and pilot helmet
  3. It was a good heli but the amount of request for the Taru play a part and I feel the Taru has always been a more versatile helicopter even thoe its locked behind a DLC.
  4. Congrats @Vacant BTW

  5. Chapter III - Illegal Zones 1. Medics, at or above the rank of Basic Paramedic, are authorized to respond to calls for service located within any illegal area. 2. EMT's must be escorted by an Altis Police Department (APD) officer or higher ranking medic to enter an illegal area. 3. Medics who choose to willingly enter an illegal area to answer a call cannot be killed unless they are properly engaged. However, all medics must READ AND UNDERSTAND the Exception as well as the Special Circumstances listed below: 3.1. Exception: Medic GROUND UNITS (ONLY) are Kill-On-Sight at Cartels, War Zone, Rebels, and at active Federal Events (Jailbreak/Federal Reserve Robbery/Blackwater Robbery). Air units must still be engaged or sufficiently warned. Land vehicles, amphibious vehicles, medics on foot, and pilots who decide to land at these locations are all considered ground units. 3.2. Illegal areas defined: 3.2.1. Rebel Outposts 3.2.2. Active Jailbreaks/Federal Reserve Robberies/Blackwater Robberies/Active Bank Robberies. 3.2.3. Illegal gathering and processing areas 3.2.4. Drug Dealers 3.2.5. Black Markets 3.2.6. Cartels (Within 1 km of the cartel's cap point) 3.2.7. War Zone (Large landmass labeled as War Zone) 3.2.8. Conquest Event 3.3. Forms of acceptable engagement within illegal areas: 3.3.1. EMS text 3.3.2. Direct chat 3.3.3. Warning shots (Aerial Vehicle's Only) 4. Medics taken into illegal areas during hostage situations cannot be killed by their captors unless APD negotiations have failed, they refuse to provide medical services, or they attempt to escape. 5. Special Circumstances: 5.1. Federal Reserve: Medics shall not enter the Federal Reserve, Telos, or the immediate area around the Federal Reserve during an active robbery unless they are assisting the APD or being held hostage by civilians. 5.2. Maximum Security Prison: Medics shall not enter, or loiter around, the prison, beach, or land, bridge while an active prison break is in progress unless they are assisting the APD or being held hostage by civilians. 5.3. Blackwater: Medics shall not enter, or loiter around, the Blackwater facility while an active robbery is in progress unless they are assisting the APD or being held hostage by civilians. 5.4. Rebel Outposts: Medics shall not enter, or loiter around, any rebel outpost while an active rebel raid is in progress unless they are actively assisting the APD or being held hostage by civilians. 5.5. Cartels and Warzone: Medics who are flying within 1 KM of a cartel, or within any part of the Warzone must be given 3 warning shots or an EMS text with a warning along with sufficient time to react and leave the area before lethal force is authorized. - 5.5.1. Medics who are on the ground within a 1km radius of a cartel or any part of the War Zone can be killed without engagement. 5.6 Bank: Medics shall not enter or loiter around the Bank, immediate office buildings, houses, construction site, power plant, docks or plaza areas during an active bank robbery unless assisting the APD or being held hostage by civilians. 6. Medics that are assisting the APD are not allowed to enter and assist civilians between APD waves unless taken hostage. 7. If a medic has arrived at a rebel outpost to revive a civilian, and it becomes apparent that the APD is conducting a rebel raid, the medic must leave the area and contact the APD to ascertain whether or not responding officers would like R&R assistance during their engagement. 8. Altis is inherently a dangerous island. Medics are not required to respond to any calls for service within illegal areas. Those who choose to enter an illegal area are acknowledging and accepting the inherent risk. Medics shall evaluate the situation and use discretion while operating within illegal areas. Medics who are accidentally killed, or RDM'd, in the line of duty may return to the area immediately. Medics who are legally killed are bound by NLR and must wait a minimum of 15 minutes before returning to the location to continue answering calls or to retrieve equipment. 9. All Medic units (Meaning BOTH ground and aerial units) are prohibited to enter/participate at ALL conquest events. If you are in the area of a conquest event when it starts, leave the area IMMEDIATELY. Kill-On-Sight and Titan-On-Sight at Conquest Events. Participation is at your own risk and not mandatory.
  6. I have run out of reactions somehow so take this
  7. Lets just add a weapon and vehicle shop aswell...... the dope crate is a basic shop for medical and small essentials, Just because you forgot how to gear up does not mean medics should deliver a rebel to cap...
  8. Changes Appear In Red/Green Chapter VII - Medical Interaction 1. Medics do not need permission to administer aid to players. 1.1 Players can still deny themselves medical aid in which the medic must obey. 2. Civilians that request a revive are automatically providing their consent to receive medical attention. 3. Citizens cannot order a medic to revive a deceased player that has not requested due to game mechanic limitations. 4. Citizens that choose to interfere with a medic administering R&R services are expected to adhere to the following guidelines: 4.1. Communication must be established via EMS text, direct chat, or obvious warning shots (Aerial Vehicle's Only) if located within an illegal area. 4.2. The individual must specify the body, name, group, or gang. 4.3. Civilians must specify who is making and enforcing the threat 5. Medics shall not disclose the Name, Affiliation, or Bounty of patients to anyone who is not employed in the R&R, in any request for service. These details should only be passed during legitimate forms of RP or if the request is being made to facilitate a player report for misconduct. 5.1. Medics are only permitted to call the APD for assistance when threats or direct hostile action has been taken against them. Medics may then relay pertinent details to the APD. Ex: General Location, Vehicles, Weapons, Number of Assailants, etc. 5.2 EMT rank is the only rank authorized to call the APD for the sole purpose of an Escort into a red zone without threats or hostilities present. Paramedics(+) do not need to call APD for an Escort unless direct threats are exchanged before entering the red zone. 5.3. Medics are authorized to report suspicious or illegal activity that is observed around the Federal Reserve, Altis Penitentiary, or Black Water Armory to the APD. 5.4. Once APD is actively assisting medics in a call for service, medics may notify the APD about pertinent details until the medic leaves, loses contact, or the incident is over.
  9. Alright children enough is enough @FrankieTwinkletoes if you think making post like this helps your chances new flash it doesn't you are a great medic and appreciate it but doing stuff like this does not help. @Richard Shut up you have a small dick . @Coconut Who are you again... lol jk @Lex yo were the fuck did you go i miss you baby. Now lets all just chill out and just remember this if @Richard can get senior... Anybody can.
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