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  1. Happy Birthday DADDY @JakeyPoo

  2. Childish

    This post just proves why you did not deserve search and rescue lol.
  3. After talking to members of the R&R this week I would like to let everyone know if they have any questions or concerns about Senior R&R or anything R&R related Me, @Kyle Lake and @Coffee are available in team speak or you can shoot us a message on the forums and we will get back to you ASAP. 

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    2. RDyer216


      ETA on Dope truck?

    3. Nightingale


      can i finally be unblacklisted am sorry for what i did

    4. Childish


      @Nightingale submit a blacklist appeal

  4. Childish


    o7 ill miss you buddy, I know gang wars was tough and all the work we put into it kinda fell apart but it was fun working with you on staff and in the R&R I hope to see you around.
  5. Childish

    Medics will be fighting the cops drama is currently switching the bracket.
  6. Gang Wars Update Due to our mistakes with our gang wars meeting I would like to give all the teams who are currently signed up for Gang Wars one final chance to change around their current roster. If the gang leaders could please send any last minute changes to me by midnight March 18 PST. we will be posting the gang wars bracket around Wednesday with some upcoming news.
  7. Childish

    o7 Buddy ill miss you
  8. o7 @Peter Long it has been great working with you. :( Congrats @Ares I cant understand you but ill try.

  9. Childish

  10. you smell



    jk I love you 


  11. Childish

    o7 @Scribble

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