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    1. Millennium


      My stache looking fresh as hell

    2. Mako
  2. Tyrone

  3. These new supporter uniforms look so much better compared to the older ones +1

  4. 9E64EC92DFF8F34EB0EE17C682DDB62E16445E25

    2014 olympus 

  5. C564954506853A7FAA2F8B626E041DB08CAA2B12 

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    2. Skys


      How the fuck do 8 medics fuck up so badly they get caught

      Edited by Skys
    3. Tyrone


      5 minutes ago, Skys said:

      How the fuck do 8 medics fuck up so badly they get caught

      We tried lining them up for a nice picture and then one medic decided to run everyone over, so they all got taken hostage.

    4. Kden
  6. Tyrone

  7. Tyrone

    It's alright everything else is great
  8. Can we get black stealth balaclavas in the glasses section, would go well with the all black loadouts.

  9. Tyrone

    +1 on all the rebel clothing additions, loadouts look cool af now.
  10. Tyrone

    +1 on the uniform/ backpack textures yeah can we sneak these in , dont even need to be for donors
  11. Tyrone

    ok msg me when and where to meet. Its the one with the blue on it right
  12. Tyrone

    150k for just the beret

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