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  1. Tyrone

    It's alright everything else is great
  2. Can we get black stealth balaclavas in the glasses section, would go well with the all black loadouts.

  3. Tyrone

    +1 on all the rebel clothing additions, loadouts look cool af now.
  4. Tyrone

    +1 on the uniform/ backpack textures yeah can we sneak these in , dont even need to be for donors
  5. Tyrone

    ok msg me when and where to meet. Its the one with the blue on it right
  6. Tyrone

  7. Tyrone

    150k for just the beret
  8. Tyrone

    can I buy the nato beret
  9. Yeah, just threw a bunch of pictures together that I had from showing people. Thought Id make this for the time being , since a lot of people have been wondering.
  10. Donations only count since mcdili became owner
  11. Made this to help everyone see what the current textures for the rewards are. Since I questions at first, also have had a lot of people ask me and ask on the forums. "Supporter" - $15 Supporter Uniform in-game - Supporter Uniform "M.V.P" - $30 "M.V.P" Backpack Texture - Red Backpack & Green Backpack "M.V.P" Sport Hatchback Texture - Barbie Hatchback "V.I.P." - $50 "V.I.P." Sport Hatchback Texture - VIP Car "Elite" - $100 "Elite" Uniform in-game - Elite Uniform Front Elite Uniform Back "Elite" Orca Texture - Elite Orca "Champion" - $250 "Champion" Ifrit Texture - Champion Ifrit "Champion" Orca Texture - Champion Orca "Legendary" - $500** "Legendary" Uniform in-game - Legendary Uniform Access to monthly vehicle texture rotation (Ifrit & Orca Texture)*** - Last known skins of these: September rotated orca & September rotated Ifrit Buy the vehicle with the "Rotated" Texture and it will automatically get a new texture ~monthly. "Founders Circle" - $1000+** "Founders Circle" backpack texture - Money Backpack
  12. Tyrone

    Who said for only donors?
  13. Tyrone

    YES this too
  14. Tyrone

    Pretty sure they are 5, they were only 10 recently because the mission file got merged with malden prices

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