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      HYPE!! Tractor and uniforms or we Riot 

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      Kav space program coming soon. We have been practicing for the invasion 

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  2. Sting was moved up a tier and in its place is a .45
  3. What's wrong with that. Also if you think our ideas are so bad, how about you give us some of your ideas or apply for the position. If you are concerned with buffs, then that is out of my control, as everyone on the council and staff want vigi nerfs. I have brought up several small buffs that were denied due to vigis being a bit too strong.
  4. People still want the run and it is good for newer players, but AFKing with no risk of being robbed should not make tons of money and be a high main source of income.
  5. @Titimus @mohsen98 To be fair we have brought up many vigi buffs and cosmetic buffs, sadly the buffs were shot down as of now due to vigi still being a little too op and implementing it would be hurtful for the civs as a whole. I realize people want vigi council to buff everything, but sadly it has to be put back a little. So slowly it is being brought back to being balanced. Vigis make millions a day (including myself) with little effort (Reading charges and straight to jail, people hate that). A lot of people complain about vigis being able to do this and a goal of ours is to changed that perspective. The goal with the tiers when it was first brought up, is that it should be more of a grind for what you make (this is why the arrests for sting was increased, as it was very easy to achieve). 90% is a whole lot more that cops even make, and should not be obtainable in a day and easily gained back by losing it. If you are a career vigi, you should not lose your license by doing illegal things, therefore there is such a high reward. Also to mention there is no money dump to vigi, dirt cheap loadouts and you make tons of money, so we brought it up a bit by 75k more, which is one arrest at tier 4. So the decision was to increase the gear a little. Yes the spar is a 5.56 and rebels get 7.62, but as of now it is broken with current tase script, if it becomes a lot harder with the fixed tase script then we could try to add a newer slightly better gun accordingly and lower the price of the spar. With my experience and so many others, we barely lose loadouts and get reved a lot of the time. As for the whole vigis nerfing themselves, its a group decision in these meetings, not all of us want it completely nerfed, but its for the best of the longevity of the server and thats our ultimate goal of the civ council.
  6. Corp uniforms(AHP Uniform) Cannot be worn by civs.
  7. The Kavala boys are free :) 

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