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  1. Sells for 25% more than current price I believe. https://gyazo.com/4a74e64e37ef7eebd498888ef2599be7
  2. Yeah a house I had with 4 crates in a 4 crater, is now 928/400 max 4 crater if upgraded. Then if I go to 2 more of my other houses they are 900+/400. In total I have 2632 space taken up between 3 houses. Even if this was split between 5 different 4 craters it would not be enough room as it was before (Thats a max of 2000 total space). I found if people have mags for the guns they have stored, space gets eaten up quickly. Some can argue that just deleting the mags can help me, however the mags that I'm storing are mags for just for cop guns that you cannot buy. Just seems like some things don't add up with the old system. A way this could be fixed, is to increase space for each house, make mags and other small things half or next to nothing to store. Overall the new physical system is really cool and is a lot cleaner, however in my opinion needs a little adjustment with the values. Any counters/ feedback on this would be good thanks .
  3. Is the armed plane gonna go back to the qilin gun or no?

  4. RIP 11mil today :( 

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    2. Tyrone



    3. Strikke


      Get fukt

    4. obeymatt


      I lost 4 not doing that shit anymore 

  5. BED919D717D1DBAC2A5FE147240130607D1244E0

    High Roller coin flips going on now s1

  6. Tyrone

  7. Tyrone

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    1. buckie


      looks like a bunch of fat no lifes

    1. Jamie


      please tell me it wasn't that easy..

    2. bigSMOKE


      1 minute ago, Jamie said:

      please tell me it wasn't that easy..

      plot twist, we got to neo near chop and there was a kid in the back of strider, stopped for a repair kit and he takes off with it but dies, it was secured back to the memeshark clan

    3. KrispyK
  9. Tyrone

  10. Tyrone

    2m mxsw with mags
  11. Tyrone

    I have 16 PO outfit sets if you want to buy those for 50k each (hat, uniform, and vest)
  12. Tyrone

    bad house

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