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  1. ivy

    who gives a fuck cyber bullying isn't real
  2. ivy


    what did you do lmao

    1. draMa


      lmao not actually him. I banned him over here and he changed his name to that and tried to reconnect. 

  3. ivy

    Sums up Americans tbh
  4. ivy

    how the fuck are you so poor if you put that many hours in?

    1. TheKronos
    2. CHEECH


      my friend went to this girl on my streets crib and her dad asked him what his name was and he said i play on the basketball team.

  6. ivy

    so this cretin seems salty about something so he downvoted all my shit Throwback to when he pretended to be @Tiger on phoenixrp
  7. used to happen to us and the reason for this is if someone sold a backpack worth the market wont drop until you start selling. not sure if this is just a coincidence though
  8. DM me any offers. In dp22 there are only a couple garages and getting a house right next to it is a dream for any moonshine enthusiast!
  9. i will sell for £2.5mill this house can hold a lot of moonshine and is extremely hard to get a 4 crater in dp 22 - it is also directly at the atm.
  10. been near there quite a bit when i used to go biking near crompton moor
  11. where in manchester you from? im near oldham then you got got @MartinezRojoman and @Brooklyn also from manchester
  12. Each house can hold 288 moonshine which is just over $3 million. These houses are decent as they can be used to quickly sell multiple runs of moonshine. dm me any offers.

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