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  1. Matt Walker Casino - "There goes another 100m"
  2. People camped them all the time with titans and everything now they're not worth the time at all. Just make the pay proportional to how far you have to fly.
  3. let me right that one down real quick
  4. losing 160m trying to hit green in the casino, then the next day realizing i'm broke
  5. it helps new players make money, they just need to know how to fly. People ask for new and more efficient ways of making money all the time and this it just one of them.
  6. why sell it if you just bought it?
  7. why you selling all the gear you just bought?
  8. Please no. + 1 A lot better than having to drive all the way down to war-zone to get a kit.
  9. rocking the mk14 titan kit lmao

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