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  1. China

    ajax ill send it as soon as i hop on i been busy at work and shit
  2. China

    lol no deal 2mil or more
  3. China

    server 2 im looking for at least 2.5mil
  4. im selling 4 crater 1.1 km away from frog pro its pretty good make around 5 mil a run
  5. i have a oil house on server 2 its 3 crater 600m from pro i make about 3 mil a run so im trynna get 3 mil for it thx
  6. China

    it was worth hes already made a couple mil got another one for sale 2 mil look for my next post
  7. hi im selling a dp4 meth house its very good because its so easy to get to pro it has a road going straight to pro pm me for offers im looking for 2 mil
  8. China

    too late sold for like 4.5 mil easy
  9. China

    not worth looking for around 4.5
  10. it is a very good meth house i make millions of it daily but send it all lol its on server 2 and is only a 1 crater but its very good u make 1.5 mill per house fill and it takes around 45 min if you are interested pm me offers i am trying to get quite alot for it seems that you can make sooooooooo much of it

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