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  1. RDyer216

    How can u initiate a dead guy.
  2. 90% of the time, this works every time
  3. RDyer216

    Lol did you play on May 19?
  4. RDyer216

    @Cutie (QT)
  5. RDyer216

    DP 3 S1, hit me up with an offer. You can PM me if you dont want public.
  6. RDyer216

    Tell them how you really feel
  7. @TheCmdrRex eta on fix for animation not cancelling while gathering and trying everything?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheCmdrRex


      Ahhh gathering (you said processing first).


      This is a hard bug to fix. The reason this is tricky is cause animations in Arma are extremely wonky. I'll see what I can do.

    3. RDyer216


      2 minutes ago, TheCmdrRex said:

      Ahhh gathering (you said processing first).

      Shhh no I didn’t.


      2 minutes ago, TheCmdrRex said:

      I'll see what I can do.

      Thanks babe

    4. Daddy Fenwick

      Daddy Fenwick

      Pressing A works for me

  8. RDyer216

    Well written. Nice explanations as to why or why not.
  9. Congrats @Childish!  Well deserved.

  10. You ain’t wrong there. Just put me on one of those lists you got going. We can settle later
  11. @Zahzi, Little dissapointed in the.... Tips lately for medics
  12. Would I like to? Absolutely. Here’s the issue. Half the gang quit and the rest are banned. Makes it very hard to do solo. You can mine with a device, but you can’t process out of it. I forget the unrefined weight of oil, but the processed weight is 2. So basically when you sell, your finished price is 1500 per weight, versus 1872 for platinum. Now I've already mentioned the drive time. You have a very long drive from the mine to ur gang shed (very high risk). You also have a drive with large vehicles to oil processing. BPM had a 75-100m run with Bergen’s (minimal risk) to processor. You day you made 15 mil last night in runs. HEMTT Box with Bergen is 1320 weight. Without this special bonus for the month, each truck gets you about 2.2 mil. Running plat with the same truck and backpack gets 2.8 mil. Personally I would love to grind out and bring back BPM. Truth is, I plan on it once I quit drinking away my disgust of losing all I worked for and lost. You saw the amount of money that BPM had. You see that I’ve sold nearly 60k platinum and so has the gang leader. I’m a man of efficiency (check my medic revives as well) and if there was a better run to be had, then I would do it.
  13. Oil is dead and not efficient. Long drives, everyone knows where ur going, and it’s cost per weight isn’t good.
  14. It’s not a ‘DLC’, it’s an ‘Expansion’.

    1. Bloodmoon


      But an expansion is downloadable content :4head:

    2. RDyer216


      Talk to Bohemia.  It seems lacking to me for an ‘Expansion’


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