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  1. wipe server 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. toxicc


      quit before i lost it lol 

    3. ThatNerdyGuy


      Sounds like you just want us to flip the switch instead.

    4. Silton


      Wipe houses every 3 months including owner

  2. Who the fuck came up with the 500k per orca idea?

    1. kami
    2. Silton


      Staff did by themselves. Genius

  3. Yall are acting like its anything new..... sapd is literally the most toxic group of ppl on the server and they can basically do whatever they want. Its like the server is dying and they still go out of their way to make people lose shit so they can flex it on a status update.
  4. Lost my bill then put my 300m into blackjack and lost it. made it to 180m put it in blackjack, lost it. Came back to 90m put it into blackjack, lost it. Fuck not going into the casino, I can’t even spawn kav.
  5. Did a 1b bet with nemnock and the rest went into the casino
  6. 22 cause transfers expensive
  7. ill sell my ghosthawks for 22
  8. Got the Glorious Mode O like 6 months ago and its great. My proir mouse was a Deathadder and that lasted like 3.5 years and was still going, recommend both
  9. Most items sold but ill pm u my discord anyways
  10. ALL TRADES WILL BE DONE WITH ADMIN MIDDLE MAN OR MONEY FIRST Ghosthawk x2 - 22m each Armed Huron - 9m Mar 10 suppressors x2 - 15m each obo 7.62 supps x3 - 3m obo RPG x4 - 1m each Zafir x8 - 4m each Mar 10 Lethal x6 - 2.5m each Promet SG x5 - 1.2m obo Dms x4 - 3m each Tasers : CMR Taser x2 - best offer Mar 10 Taser x2 - 2m each obo Type Taser x4 - 350k Promet MR Taser x2 - best offer Promet Taser x2 - best offer Spar16 GL - best offer --------------------------------------------------- Also if anyone is interested in these two i might let them go for a good price.
  11. current offer for hawk: 22, Huron: 8 gimme a bit, if no one offers ill do it offer up
  12. yall can send me offers or post em here highest bids take em ghosthawk - 2x mar 10 supps - 2x armed huron - 1x I need money for casino pls buy.
  13. Ive lost more money dying while doing bets than from bets themselves. why is that even a thing

    1. Mane


      Sign my profile please

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